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In the last few weeks, we have been collaborating with the UNHCR to drop an NFT collection for charity. As we explored the topic of how to use NFTs for good, it was decided to launch an NFT collection filled with unique art pieces by the Syrian-Palestinian cartoonist Hani Abbas, and exclusive rewards for the ‘Golden NFT’ owners. Check out the drop details below.

Abbas was born and grew up in Yarmouk, a Palestinian refugee camp in the southern suburbs of the Syrian capital Damascus. From the late 1990s, his cartoons appeared in publications and exhibitions in Syria and across the Middle East before he and his family fled the conflict in 2012 and eventually settled in Switzerland as refugees. Since then, Abbas’s work – which tackles themes of injustice, loss, and the human cost of conflict – has featured in publications including Le Temps and La Liberté in Switzerland and France’s Le Monde.

Drop Details

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the UN Refugee Convention (UNHCR), the organization has delivered a special collection of 70 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) art pieces by the legendary Syrian-Palestinian cartoonist, Hani Abbas

The artist created seven cartoons, 10 editions that have been transformed into unique digital assets and are being sold as NFTs on OpenSea. The public sale officially started on 4 November. Ahead of the drop the UNHCR spoke with Abbas and questioned him about his life in Syria, his experiences as a refugee, and the meaning behind the art he has created. All the information can be found in UNHCR official press release. Below are the specifics of each type of NFT.



  • 63 Normal editions of the unique art pieces | 0.1 ETH donation
    • Individuals donating are being valued for contributing to the cause, and this token of appreciation is presented through an artistic non-fungible token.
  • 7 Genesis Windows → “Golden” NFTs of the original art piece | 0.7 ETH donation
    • Additional unlockable content, such as 1:1 video-call with a UNHCR CH Official/Executive and (2) the chance to have early access to the next UNHCR CH NFT Campaign
    • Worldwide there will only ever be 7 rare editions that can be exclusively owned by the donor

This will be an initiative that delivers on both fronts by rewarding users and raising funds for UNHCR’s Afghanistan crisis response. More Info on the official UNHCR Switzerland Site:

We can enhance the experience even more by enabling UNHCR’s NFTs to be exchanged for other loyalty points and tokens in our ecosystem and are building bridges for relevant collaborations within the loyalty community we established, as our vision for the future incorporates exchangeable rewards from all sectors of the world.

Key Takeaways (TL:DR)

  • The drop officially started on the 4th of November, with a starting donation of = 0.1 ETH, for the 63 normal edition NFTs.
  • The starting donations for the 7 exclusive “Genesis Windows” are at 0.7 ETH. Exclusive unlockable content and VIP perks are attached to these. In total there are 70 editions (common / rare)
  • Created by legendary artist Hanni Abbas. Created to support the Afghanistan crisis response.

We wanted to go on this journey with UNHCR for their first-ever NFT drop. Through the drop, we wanted to encourage people around the world to donate towards this cause and be rewarded a beautiful piece of art, created by the legendary Hani Abbas. As a special thanks and our way of additionally helping the cause, we will be donating all of the fees to the cause. You can also take part by acquiring your own NFT on OpenSea, using this link:

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