Our Vision

Position rewards as one of the top three payment methods in the world.

Our Mission

Enable increased economic freedom by unlocking the purchasing power and maximizing the liquidity of the global rewards economy.

Aspiring toward our vision

In today’s economy, the scope of reward programs extends beyond mere customer retention strategies to becoming the third preferred mode of payment globally. However, with an estimated $500bn in unspent loyalty points worldwide, a significant economic potential is being overlooked.

The prevalent issue hindering the effectiveness of loyalty points lies in their limited liquidity. While consumers accumulate these rewards across various platforms, the restrictions on earning, spending, and converting these rewards from one platform to an other often restrict their full potential.

It is therefore of the highest priority that we focus on unlocking the rewards liquidity of loyalty programs around the world. By enabling loyalty programs to improve their rewards liquidity, we step forward into reaching our mission and making our vision the reality.

What is the rewards liquidity of a loyalty program? It refers to how easily the points or rewards can be earned, spent, and converted into other forms of value. In the same way as monetary liquidity refers to how readily cash or assets can be used, rewards liquidity pertains to the usability, flexibility, and real-world applicability of loyalty program rewards.

A shared path forward

With the aspiration toward our vision and the pursuit to accomplishing our mission we have had the pleasure to partner with likeminded and equally ambitious contributors, who continuously share their invaluable insights and guidance on our epic journey.

Z5 Capital

Z5 Capital

Z5 Capital is not your typical seed fund. We carefully select a limited number of enterprise companies and provide the funding, resources, tools, and support to help them along the way to success.


OEBVS by R/GA Ventures

Oregon Enterprise Blockchain Venture Studio by R/GA Ventures is a program intended to adopt blockchain technology, test various products and solutions with selected studio partners and launch roll-outs to compete worldwide.



Innosuisse is the Swiss Innovation Promotion Agency. Its role is to promote science-based innovation in the interests of industry and society in Switzerland. It provided qiibee with a grant of CHF 50k, mentorship and infrastructure.

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