Elevate your Shopify store with the qiibee: Miles & More Loyalty App. Effortlessly reward customers with Miles & More Miles, enticing them to spend within your store. Join a network of 36 million high-spenders, boost customer acquisition, and ensure long-term retention.

Rated 5 Stars on the Shopify App Store.

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qiibee: Miles & More Loyalty - Easy-to-install Miles & More loyalty program for Shopify | Product Hunt
Miles & More E-Commerce App
Official Partner of Miles & More - Lufthansa

Miles & More launches partnership with qiibee.

qiibee facilitates the seamless connection for businesses to join the Miles & More loyalty program. The integration opens up broader avenues for members to earn and redeem Miles. View press release

Shopify Miles & More Earn

Reward your loyal customers with Miles.

Retain your loyal customers by enabling them to earn Miles & More Miles for every purchase they make in your shop. Effortless for you and your customers.

Get new customers with the option to spend their Miles.

Acquire new customers by enabling Miles & More members to conveniently spend their Miles in your shop. Access over 2 billions worth of EURs in Miles from millions of existing and potential customers.

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Loyalty with Europe’s leading frequently flyer program.

The easiest way to retain & reward your loyal customers. Together with Miles & More and a one click integration, you are ready to retain your loyal customers and acquire new ones.

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"This is amazing! With only a few clicks I can reward my customers with popular Miles & More Miles for every purchase they make. I wasn't sure how (and honestly didn't want to go through the hassle) to setup my own loyalty program... with this app I set it up in a few minutes and my customers earn rewards they already know and love! Can only recommend! 5/5"

Why qiibee: Miles & More Loyalty?

Introducing qiibee: Miles & More Loyalty App for Shopify – Elevate Your Customer Loyalty Experience!

Breaking the Mold: Why qiibee’s Miles & More Loyalty App is Revolutionizing Shopify Loyalty Programs

Become an Agency or Integration Partner of qiibee and Miles & More

Join forces with qiibee and Miles & More to take your business to new heights and embark on a journey of mutual growth and success!

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