Breaking the Mold: Why qiibee’s Miles & More Loyalty App is Revolutionizing Shopify Loyalty Programs


In the realm of Shopify loyalty apps, the traditional approach often revolves around creating an in-house loyalty point system. However, there’s a new game-changer in town – the qiibee: Miles & More Loyalty Shopify App. Let’s dive into the key differences that set this app apart from the conventional loyalty programs like, LoyaltyLion or Yotpo.

Embracing a Larger Ecosystem

The standout feature of qiibee’s Miles & More Loyalty App is its integration with Miles & More, Europe’s largest frequent flyer program. Unlike typical loyalty apps that require creating a standalone loyalty point system, qiibee’s app opens the doors to an already-established ecosystem with millions of existing members. Instead of starting from scratch, Shopify stores instantly connect with a vast network of engaged users.

Seamless Integration, Limitless Benefits

Traditional loyalty apps often confine merchants to their own loyalty ecosystem, requiring substantial effort to attract and retain customers within their store’s ecosystem. In contrast, qiibee’s app enables Shopify stores to tap into a realm of possibilities. By joining Miles & More, merchants gain access to thousands of ways for customers to earn and spend miles. This expands the scope of engagement beyond the store’s limitations, offering customers diverse and exciting opportunities to utilize their loyalty rewards across various partner networks.

Customer Engagement Beyond Boundaries

While, LoyaltyLion, Yotpo and other traditional loyalty apps focus on internal engagement strategies, qiibee’s Miles & More Loyalty App transcends boundaries. It allows Shopify stores to leverage the extensive Miles & More ecosystem, engaging customers with numerous earning and spending options that extend beyond the confines of their store. Customers can earn miles not only from purchases but also through travel, lifestyle, and a multitude of other activities.


The qiibee: Miles & More Loyalty Shopify App fundamentally changes the loyalty game by integrating Shopify stores into an established loyalty ecosystem rather than confining them to isolated loyalty points. By embracing a broader network and limitless earning and spending opportunities, merchants can significantly enhance customer engagement and retention in ways traditional loyalty apps can’t match.

Join the revolution! Elevate your customer loyalty game by connecting your Shopify store with the immense Miles & More loyalty ecosystem.

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