DAIMANI partnership with Miles & More, powered by qiibee


We’re excited to introduce a new partner of Miles & More powered by qiibee – DAIMANI, the first global marketplace for VIP Hospitality Packages, DAIMANI and Miles & More.

What is DAIMANI?

A Hospitality or VIP ticket typically consists of a premium seat, food and beverages, preferred entrance and even sometimes a souvenir gift or meet and great. A real treat. DAIMANI is the first global online marketplace for VIP Hospitality experiences. They offer a wide selection of exclusive VIP Hospitality tickets for sporting, music or cultural live events, such as the UEFA EURO 2024™, Wimbledon, the Premier League or cultural events in German prime arenas. Select from over 300 events with a wide range of categories that will suit all budgets and tastes. Book easily and securely unforgettable moments with DAIMANI’s “click & buy” solution.
Headquartered in Zurich, the company has around 40 employees in offices in London, Hamburg, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Sao Paulo.

Benefits of DAIMANI

DAIMANI offers a vast array of benefits, positioning itself as a global leader in providing access to a wide selection of sporting, music, and cultural events worldwide. Their platform is user-friendly and accessible in seven languages, accommodating over 70 currencies and 30 payment methods, ensuring a seamless purchasing experience. They stand out with most competitive prices, ensuring no hidden booking fees, and offer official VIP Hospitality Packages authorized by prestigious event rightsholders. Customers benefit from secure international payment solutions, and a comprehensive refund policy. Additionally, they provide personalized service for individual or corporate enquiries including the option to book a virtual appointment for assistance, making the overall experience highly customer-centric.

DAIMANI and Miles & More

This partnership is a groundbreaking development in the realm of VIP Hospitality ticketing. Through this exciting collaboration, bookings made on DAIMANI will not only promise a memorable experience but also reward the customer with Miles & More Miles. The partnership between DAIMANI and Miles & More transforms how enthusiasts enjoy their preferred concerts and sports events, adding an extra layer of thrill and value.
Customers can now effortlessly book their dream event and simultaneously accumulate Miles towards their next adventure, making each experience with DAIMANI both enriching and rewarding.

Miles with Memories

In conclusion, DAIMANI’s partnership with Miles & More, powered by qiibee, revolutionizes the way people experience live events. By seamlessly blending exclusive event access with the rewarding pleasure of earning Miles, this collaboration elevates every special moment into an opportunity for future adventures.

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