Loyalty Highlights: Future Loyalty Investments – Global Loyalty Trends Report 2022


Catch up on key loyalty insights through our “GLTR 2022 Mini-Series”, where we break down some of the core topics discussed in our full report and emphasize some of the more intricate details.

In the fourth instalment of our series, we are breaking down how the top loyalty executives are planning to tackle 2022 in regards to optimizing their loyalty program.

What future loyalty investments are the most prevalent and what do the executives say?

Top Loyalty Investments (2022)

From the research conducted in our “Global Loyalty Trends Report (GLTR)” 2022, it was concluded that over 100+ loyalty programs, more specifically loyalty executives, intend to focus on 3 main loyalty investments for 2022.

1. Loyalty Infrastructure


of loyalty executives plan to invest in infrastructure that facilitates the growth of their loyalty program in 2022

2. User Experience


of loyalty executives focused on “personalization“, “automation“, and “mobile UX”, as their top 2022 loyalty investment

3. Measuring and Reporting


of loyalty executives have stated that they want to invest in better “Measuring and Reporting” tools for their loyalty program in 2022

Key Takeaways (TL:DR)

  • Over 100+ loyalty programs, more specifically loyalty executives intend to focus on 3 main loyalty investments for 2022, these include:
    • Infrastructure

    • User Experience

    • Measuring and Reporting

  • The top loyalty investment for 2022 was determined to be infrastructure, with 87% of loyalty executives selecting this answer

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