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United MileagePlus

Welcome to our Frequent Flyer Program Intro Series, where we give you an overview of the top programs in the industry and outline the most important key details you need to know when partnering with them.

In today’s post we are introducing the frequent flyer program MileagePlus.

About MileagePlus

MileagePlus is United Airlines’ loyalty program, where members can earn and spend miles that never expire, by flying with United Airlines, Star Alliance and other travel partners in their network, as well as an array of other options.

From upgrades to travel, shopping, and even to financial partners that offer miles for mortgages, MileagePlus members are rewarded for all of life’s daily moments and more.

Key details

Group: United Airlines (also part of Star Alliance)

Core markets: USA

Partner companies: 150+ (in Travel, Retail, Home, Financial, and more)

Member base: over 100 million worldwide

Target group: travel enthusiast who want to see the world, young and old alike

Source: https://www.united.com/en/us/fly/mileageplus.html

Million Members

MileagePlus Rewards Liquidity Score

Based on qiibee’s Global Rewards Liquidity Report 2023, ranking the top loyalty programs around the world, these are MileagePlus’ reward liquidity stats:

Rewards Liquidity Score (RLS): 53.06 – 64% above average

RLS Ranking: #3 out of 74 Global Loyalty Programs

RLS Highlights:

  • By being ranked 3rd, not only does MileagePlus have exceptionally high Rewards Earn and Exchange Freedom Scores, but also have a higher Rewards Spending Freedom Score than the other frequent flyer programs in the series. This means that their members can easily earn and exchange miles in their network of partners, but also receive a greater value when using the miles for United Airlines products and services. Making it easy for their members to stay consistently engaged with the program.

RLS Ranking

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