qiibee’s Global Loyalty Trends Report 2022


First of all, a big shout out to all the brands that took part in the survey. The responses provided a variety of quality insights that truly helped us understand and explore the loyalty scene in greater depth!

Our ‘2022 Loyalty Trends Report’ was created in an effort to better understand the brand:

  • Pain points
  • Loyalty program mechanics
  • Loyalty investments in 2022
  • Technological investments in 2022

Here are some key insights into the scope of our loyalty report:

  • Launched 1 main survey that garnered over 30 responses from top brands worldwide and conducted ad-hoc public research on 100+ programs
  • Observed loyalty programs representing more than 123M consumers, in 18+ industry sectors and across 100+ different categories
  • Across 5 main regions: 1) NA, 2) EU, 3) EMEA, 4) ASIA, 5) REST OF THE WORLD
  • Across 80+Attributes: Earn Mechanics, Redemption Mechanics, Rewards Options, Future Tech Investments, Experience-Based Rewards, NFTs as Rewards, Blockchain-Based Loyalty, and much, much more!

Loyalty Highlights

Pain Points: A mature loyalty market puts growth at a premium

  • The top 3 pain points that loyalty executives report are in relation to: low member engagement, low member acquisition growth and few engaging redemption options.

Partnerships and Expansion: Partnerships remain underdeveloped for a majority of loyalty programs

  • Investing in partnerships and «expanding partnerships» is the theme for 2022. With 60% of loyalty executives choosing this as their top 2022 investment.

Earn/Redemption: Integrating point-based systems, tiers/perks, and engaging rewards to boost engagement

  • 71% of loyalty programs adopt a point-based loyalty program.

Future Loyalty Investments: Priorities are infrastructure, engagement, and measurement

  • 87% of loyalty executives consider it important to invest in infrastructure for their loyalty programs in 2022.

Future Tech Investments: Emerging technologies are the priority for the most successful brands

  • Brands with a higher active member spending rate tend to choose “Emerging Technologies” as their tech investments for 2022. 50% choose “Emerging Technologies”.

Key Trends

Pain points: Key Insights

  • Includes stats and facts about: brand pain points, key loyalty program inefficiencies, and potential solutions to these pain points.

Key Trend #1: More Redemption Options Leads to More Customer Spending

  • Includes stats and facts about: redemption options, point conversion, and member spending.

Key Trend #2: Successful Brands Focus on Member Growth and Engagement

  • Includes stats and facts about: member engagement, member acquisition, and member churn rate.

Key Trend #3: Special Perks and Tier Systems – Adding More Value To Your Program

  • Includes stats and facts about: experience-based rewards, customer spending rate, and customer satisfaction.

Key Trend #4: Higher Customer Spending and More Members Through Expanding The Partner Portfolio

  • Includes stats and facts about: average member revenue lost, active member count, member engagement.

Key Trend #5: High-Engagement Brands Focus on Quality-of-Life Investments For Their Loyalty Program

  • Includes stats and facts about: 2022 loyalty investments, rewards, and benefits, insights into improving your loyalty program.

Key Trend #6: 2022 Tech Investments Center Heavily Around Emerging Technologies

  • Includes stats and facts about: Blockchain, NFTs, customer spending, 2022 tech investments, loyalty technologies.


We processed and analyzed the data from our expert survey, as well as the ad-hoc public research conducted, to bring you the most fascinating loyalty trends and brand insights in 2022.

Check out our report today and climb ahead of your competition by gaining key insights into the 2022 loyalty scene.

Link: qiibee’s Global Loyalty Trends Report 2022

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