SwissFortress Partnership with Miles & More, powered by qiibee


We’re excited to introduce a new partner of Miles & More powered by qiibee – SwissFortress, a groundbreaking technology company.

What is SwissFortress?

SwissFortress is a cutting-edge technology company dedicated to revolutionizing digital security solutions. With a focus on decentralized identity, secure transactions, and innovative technology, SwissFortress empowers individuals and companies with the tools they need to safeguard their digital assets in an ever-evolving digital world.

Benefits of SwissFortress

SwissFortress enhances your privacy through automatically generated addresses, ensuring transactions are known only to participants. By utilizing a unique FortressName™, it simplifies transactions while providing robust protection against phishing scams. The platform’s globally unique, cryptographically secured names make impersonation nearly impossible. It also offers encrypted, decentralized communication, keeping both conversations and transaction histories private. The intuitive ‘Send to Name’ feature bridges the gap to the decentralized world with the simplicity of conventional payment apps. Additionally, SwissFortress plans on playing a pivotal role in financial empowerment by facilitating secure and straightforward transactions in underserved regions.

SwissFortress and Miles & More

The partnership between SwissFortress and Miles & More heralds a groundbreaking fusion of digital security and reward-driven engagement. This collaboration introduces an innovative way for users to earn Miles through their activities on SwissFortress, adding a layer of excitement and value to secure transactions and communications. The integration allows for a seamless accumulation of rewards, turning every transaction and interaction within SwissFortress into an opportunity to get closer to your next dream vacation. This unique blend of security and rewards underlines the commitment of both entities to provide not only top-notch privacy and safety but also to enrich the user experience with tangible benefits. It’s a testament to how cutting-edge technology and loyalty programs can create a rewarding ecosystem for users.

Transforming Digital Finance

In conclusion, the SwissFortress and Miles & More partnership is a pioneering step towards redefining user engagement in the digital age. It showcases the potential of combining secure digital transactions with rewarding experiences, setting a new standard for the industry.

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