qiibee’s Epic 2022 Loyalty Journey: Moving Toward an Even More Loyal 2023.


It’s been an incredible year for qiibee – one of innovation and revolution. We’re transforming the loyalty space with exciting new product releases, launches, and use cases, and we couldn’t be prouder of the progress we’re making.

From generating almost 1 million total post impressions and close to 150K page & profile impressions, we are ecstatic that we reached over 68K readers this year.

Find a summary of the top 3 content pieces that generated buzz this year, with a brief extract from each. We hoped you enjoyed them and thank all our loyal readers!

Our “Global Loyalty Trends Report (GLTR)” 2022, was created in an effort to better understand the contemporary loyalty market. We broke down core topics including loyalty pain points, program mechanics, and future tech & loyalty investments to develop valuable insights from top brands in the industry.

By analyzing over 100 loyalty programs in 5 different regions to provide our readers with the most relevant and transformative insights. Overall, the report provides an overview of the current loyalty landscape, with a focus on the factors driving loyalty program adoption and engagement.

Get full access here: Global Loyalty Trends Report (2022)

Keep your eyes out for our 2023 report, which will head in a new direction, providing valuable insights from a different perspective that has previously never been explored.


With the mainstream implementation of NFTs, an impact on loyalty was definitely observed, especially with the launch of Starbucks Odyssey.

The flexible nature of NFTs and their multi-faceted nature makes them exceptionally useful to use as membership tokens for a loyalty program or even an NFT medal for your most loyal users.

This would enhance the experience by gamifying the process, even more, incentivizing higher engagement rates, and enabling the exchangeability between loyalty rewards, more specifically NFTs in this case.

Check out the full post: How Can NFTs Impact your Loyalty Program: Some Food for Thought


The Metaverse is the next step for web3 and computer technology, as venture capitalist, Matthew Ball stated, “It’s moving into what people call ambient computing,” he said about the metaverse. “It’s about being within the computer rather than accessing the computer.”

Apart from Meta, many brands like Marriot, Adidas, Alibaba, and Louis Vuitton, have started to venture into the realm of the Metaverse.

All these brands are joining the scene to be the first to create the next revolutionary solution for their loyal customers, constructing the fundamental building blocks for the Metaverse through the creation of NFTs and virtual landscapes to be used by members.

Explore more here: Loyalty in the Metaverse. Some Food for Thought.


As we reach the end of this memorable year, we’d again like to thank our loyal readers for their ongoing support and can’t wait for you to tune into even more exciting content in the coming year.

We will always look forward to what the future holds, and are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of loyalty. With that, we wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season and here’s to an, even more, loyal 2023!

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