Global Loyalty Trends Report 2022

Check out our report today and climb ahead of your competition by gaining key insights into the 2022 loyalty scene.

We processed and analyzed the data from our expert survey, as well as the ad-hoc public research conducted, to bring you the most fascinating loyalty trends and brand insights in 2022.

Download the report below to receive a complete view of loyalty programs in North America, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Asia, and Rest of the World regions!

Global Loyalty Trends Report 2022

Some data from the Loyalty Trends Report 2022

Combined Members

Loyalty Programs

Markets Covered

Attributes Explored

6 Key Trends and Over 40 Brand Insights to Boost Your Loyalty Program Today!

  1. Key Trend #1: More Redemption Options Leads to More Customers Spending
  2. Key Trend #2: Successful Brands Focus on Member Growth and Engagement
  3. Key Trend #3: Special Perks and Tier Systems – Adding More Value To Your Program
  4. Key Trend #4: Higher Customer Spending and More Members Through Expanding The Partner Portfolio
  5. Key Trend #5: High-Engagement Brands Focus on Quality-of-Life Investments For Their Loyalty Program
  6. Key Trend #6: 2022 Tech Investments Center Heavily Around Emerging Technologies


Only 29% of Brands offer reward options from Partners.

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