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For all of you readers that are unfamiliar with qiibee’s Get Together (G2G). It is an awesome experience, that we set up every year, where we invite our global team over for a week filled with workshops, events, food/drinks, and of course good vibes.

With a successful and exciting H1 done, we wanted to unite as a whole team to celebrate with some amazing food and exotic drinks. Apart from all the adventurous events and workshops, we partook in, we also took this time to plan for the future of H2 and the vision we want to execute here qiibee. Check out the full post below to find more behind-the-scenes info on all the things that happened during our company Get Together.

The Experience of the Year

From events including our very first escape room adventure with the company to Masterclasses in the art of chocolate making as well as various strategic workshops. This week we did it all.

Starting off with an enigmatic 4v4 duel that pitted the greatest minds against each other in a race to freedom. That was all possible thanks to AdventureRooms in Zurich. The escape room incorporated vibrant and well-thought-out riddles and puzzles, that made the escape that much more fun.

The proceeding few days took a diverse route with the following day including one of the most soothing and informative praline courses, where the team was able to prepare their own chocolates with a vast array of different chocolate flavors, toppings, and decorations.

Of course, the week wouldn’t have been complete without one official last team event, a refreshing wine tasting experience complemented by the most refined and best cuts of meat and steaks at Smith and De Luma’s.

The Cherry on Top

As an additional bonus for our company Get Together our awesome Chief Information Officer, Pascal Schindelholz, decided to host a beautiful BBQ that included a variety of juicy and refined steak cuts. This was an awesome opportunity for us to have our last conclusive day together as well as to say our goodbyes.

Of course, we couldn’t say goodbye without preparing something special. Therefore, we ended the exquisite BBQ by enjoying a gorgeously crafted Fior di latte cake with a cream-chocolate filling, and the qiibee logo to provide an equal pairing of beauty and deliciousness.

qiibee G2G 2021 - Saturday BBQ

G2G Highlights (TL:DR)

  • One of the top 3 highlights for our team was definitely the escape room that we partook in, we split into two different teams and battled each other to freedom.

  • Another amazing highlight from our G2G week was the praline course, making our own truffles and chocolates with a variety of mixes and different flavors.

  • Of course, the G2G wouldn’t have been complete without the cherry on top, which was the BBQ organized by our CIO, Pascal Schindelholz, who took the time to set up an awesome scenery and exquisite event in his home.

We can confidently say that our 2021 get-together has brought us all closer as a team and consolidated our already strong team spirit. It was amazing to have (almost) the whole global team over for a week filled with good food/drinks, pleasure, and amazing workshops that have served to strengthen our pursuit to success and the vision we aspire to.

Needless to say, we are ecstatic for H2 and pumped for the journey ahead of us, as the G2G didn’t only enable us to bond on a team level but also helped synchronize and align every department in an efficient manner.

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