qiibee’s 2022 G2G – Bigger, Better and Bolder


For all of you readers that are unfamiliar with qiibee’s Get Together (G2G). It’s the culmination of 1 year’s work, results and anticipation channeled into 1 week of exhilarating and captivating experiences that we set up every year. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • Cooking/Baking workshops

  • Escape Rooms

  • Brewery Tours

  • Wine Tastings

  • Company Hosted Games

  • Among many many more!

In the 4th installment of qiibee’s G2G, the whole team was invited to Zurich, Switzerland from all over the World. Traveling over 30,000 miles from 7 different countries including Ireland, Germany, Hungary, India, Armenia, Malta, and Italy. 

G2G Dinner Events

Our G2G week featured a variety of different workshops and activities that were designed to engage and challenge the team to the maximum, but what really rounded up every evening was the different dinners that were organized by the founders.

The 3 most memorable dinners that have to be mentioned are ranked as follows:

  1. Mexican Dinner at Cartell 
  2. Lebanese Cuisine at Le Cedre

  3. Traditional Swiss/German Dinner At Kaufleuten

Let’s check out some of the activities that were featured during our get-together week.

qiibee's 2022 G2G collage #2

G2G Activities

Of course, the G2G week wouldn’t be complete without an awesome lineup of different activities that would both challenge team members as well as provide them with amazing and refreshing experiences; Including:

  • Escape Room Adventures
  • The First-Ever “qiibee X Games”
  • Exploration of Zurich City

The last day of the G2G featured an amazing “Kitchen Party” that saw the full team collaborating in the kitchen to prepare a massive feast consisting of over 35 different dishes!

Company Workshops

Besides all the activities and amazing dinners planned, there were an array of engaging and relevant workshops that were an integral part of each G2G day.

Some of the core workshops presented, included:

  • Company Strategy & Product

  • Culture, Values Workshop, and Current Topics (elected by the team)

  • Loyalty Market Resources and GLTR Report Insights

These workshops are incorporated as a means to further fortify the key knowledge, value, and culture established at qiibee. It also gives a chance to specific departments that want to present significant updates or releases in-depth to the full team.

qiibee's 2022 G2G collage #1

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