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In the last 2 months, we not only executed the successful onboarding of various new brands, but we also decided to expand our team even further. Featuring the smooth onboarding of new junior front-end and back-end developers as well as a new junior product manager.

Find out who the newest members of team qiibee are and get to know them better through this post, exploring their vast interests, hobbies, passions, and previous achievements.

If you think you have what it takes to revolutionize loyalty on the blockchain together with us, then pay attention at the end of the blog for a link to our application page but first let’s start with the newest inclusions to the team!

Our PTID Expansion

Meet Alvina

Welcome our newest Junior Frontend Developer, Alvina Harutyunyan.

When Alvina is not passionately programming, she channels her creative side by exploring artistic expression through various mediums such as paintings and drawings. She devotes a lot of her free time to creating amazing portrays of women in a minimalistic sketch style.

Alvina’s passion to overcome obstacles, explore activities of interest, and passion for learning, make her both a great artist as well as a focused contributor.

One fact you probably didn’t expect to hear is that; You shouldn’t mess with Alvina, as she has 8 years of experience in Karate and just recently started picking up Taekwondo!

Meet Kevin

Welcome our Newest Junior Backend Developer, Kevin Mathew.

Kevin has always had a passion for computers since the age of 5 when he got his hands on a PC. He started his work in tech by building his side projects around various topics of interest as an undergrad. Additionally, Kevin dabbles in music as well as writing on the internet about the thoughts that come across his mind. If you would like to check out more about Kevin, feel free to check out his blog using the link, Kevin A Mathew — DEV Community Profile.

The knowledge combined with Kevin’s passion for learning has helped him achieve various milestones in life including all the previous job experiences revolving around project development and coding.

One thing that you may not have expected from Kevin, is the fact that his interest in stand-up comedy and humor led him to attend an open-mic event in Goa, which sparked an interest in stand-up comedy. Kevin loves comedy and truly believes that comedians are some of the most intelligent people in society.

Meet Rahul

Our Newest Junior Product Manager, Rahul Nair.

Rahul enjoys various activities and hobbies including reading, exploring history and technology, experimenting with gastronomy as well as playing football when the weather is appropriate. His love for the outside combined with his keen interest in learning more about the core topics of the world, make him an eager observer.

Throughout his journey into the academic and professional world, Rahul has completed his bachelor’s degree in Engineering with a major in Electronics and Telecommunications. Additionally, receiving a diploma from Harvard Business School for the completion of three fundamental courses in Economics, Business Analytics, and Accounting.

One surprising thing about Rahul is the fact that he has been a professional voice-over artist. Mainly as a freelancer in media working with multiple languages like English, Hindi, Malayalam, and Tamil. So the next time you hear an advertisement, listen carefully. Because you might be listening to one of the ads that Rahul was a part of!

Needless to say, we are absolutely ecstatic to welcome our newest team members to our qiibee family and we can’t wait for it to expand even further. As already mentioned at the beginning, if you think you have what it takes to revolutionize loyalty on the blockchain together with qiibee, then use the link and complete the application here: qiibee careers .

Thank you again for following us along our journey, and stay tuned for more awesome news in the coming weeks.

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