Convos from the qiibee Kitchen #3


This week we feature the Product department in the third entry of our 5-part blog post series.

Welcome back to the third post in our 5-part series. In this week’s entry, we have our amazing Head of Product, Claudio Sgarbi. He will be taking us on a tour of his newest mansion in St. Gallen; also in this episode of “Keeping Up With the Sgarbashians”… wait a second… that’s the wrong show. No, but seriously this week goes deeper into the development process of product pre-launch, during development, and post-launch. So stay tuned for an informative and interesting deep dive featuring our product expert.

What’s your team?

I am part of the Product department. The team is composed of Me, Myself, and I.

Who are your colleagues?

As I mentioned I’m the sole member of the Product team, but my daily workload often sees me collaborating with pretty much everyone from the team. In order to get input from the sales and marketing side as well as to discuss the feasibility, with the tech and design team.

What do you do on a normal day?


The development process starts on the product side which represents the product’s stakeholders and is the voice of the customer. The objective is to see the product from different viewpoints and define what is important. Therefore, a close collaboration with other departments, especially sales, is important.

New product iterations mostly start with a request stated in a sales meeting, followed by in-depth research and data gathering to then define what the exact business needs are and how the product can fulfill them. Afterward, the product will be split into user-stories which are added to the product backlog, where they get prioritized based on importance and dependencies. One vital element of the process is setting up a reasonable roadmap to establish deadlines that can be executed in a timely manner and are agreed upon with the customer.

The last step of the process, after launch, is monitoring. The maintenance and analysis process also starts, where we have a special focus on reliability and performance to develop and provide the best possible product iteration.

Why do you like our product?


It helps solve a problem that nearly everyone on this planet is already experienced, which creates an emotional connection to the product. Aside from this, it is industry agnostic and can therefore be used by every brand in the world, therefore not limiting our scalability. Oh and lastly, is the fact that I can benefit from it in my daily life as well.

How would you explain our product to your mother?


Continue collecting your grocery points but now you can use them for whatever you wish for! And we solve a lot of headaches for brands.

What are your team’s plans for the next 12 months?


Scaling is definitely the goal for 2021 which naturally also means extending the qiibee team. Product and other department responsibilities are currently not limited to their respective team but are handled by a wide variety of people. When scaling up, we surely need dedicated team members that take over and structure specific parts of our daily work and processes.

Leave a clap if you liked this week’s post. Next week, we’re going to feature Aaron de Miranda Colaco. Our awesome Head of Blockchain, who is going to give us all the juicy information behind the stunning tech that powers the qiibee solution. He will also unveil some of the future plans in regards to how the technology will grow and scale. Get ready to familiarize yourself even further with our technology and learn all about how it works. This next entry in the series is filled with a lot of cool details that go deeper into all things tech.

This marks the official completion of our 3rd post in the 5-part series, “Convos from the qiibee Kitchen”. We wish you all the very best!

Stay safe, stay loyal, and always stay hungry.

More soon,
Your qiibee Team

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