Convos from the qiibee Kitchen #1


The first entry in a 5-part blogpost series. Starting off the series we have the Sales team.

Welcome to, “Convos from the qiibee kitchen”, our blogpost series that is officially starting today. This series was created through a combination of interesting people and unique perspectives. On behalf of the marketing team we wanted to do a blogpost series that would focus on the way that different departments worked, what their day-to-day is like, what their perspective on the product is, and their vision for the future.

These posts are casual in nature and are meant to be viewed as dialogue or conversations that two team-members might have on break, while in the kitchen and so the blogpost series came to life.

Below is the first entry in the series written by, Francesco Pagano, our Head of Sales. Giving you a humorous yet illuminating insight into the sales-side of things at qiibee.

What’s your team?

Sales. The heart of the company! Yeah, right. I was actually saying the same when I was doing Marketing. And, before that, Finance.

Who are your colleagues?

The beauty of a startup is that we don’t have the bullshit org charts and processes of corporate. We are a bunch of visionaries, who are crazy enough to think they can change the world of loyalty & marketing. Success is the result of the work of each one of us. I love the fact that there is no diva in the group. Wait, I like to feel like one sometimes.

What do you do on a normal day?

I wake up at 4 AM, do my prayers, then yoga, I study Mandarin, I swim in the cold waters of Lake Zurich to regenerate my body cells, and then eat my vegan breakfast, before reading the Financial Times front to back…naaah. It’s mainly calls and emails and finding the best fit between our product and customers’ needs. If we want to succeed big time, it will take a million of those predictable, disciplined, and mundane days, where we do micro-steps, one after the other.

Why do you like our product?

It finally flips the balance of power in favor of people. There is also a sustainability angle to it. Brands should act on-demand, and precisely serve people on time and in full, with zero waste.

How would you explain our product to your mother?

To put it simply I would tell her that, she buys tons of tomato sauce and meat. Finally, her Bolognese will take her to New Zealand.

What are your team’s plans for the next 12 months?

Sell more, cash in solid in-market success, learn, and have fun. Hopefully, I get to go outside a little more than today.

If you enjoyed this entry in the series, then stay tuned because next week we are going to get some more insight from the marketing department, as our youngest member, Gioele Giancola, gives us a look into how a GenZ mind goes about completing various tasks, such as content creation, data collection and other cross-department tasks in collaboration with sales. And don’t worry this is only 1 out of 5 total posts we are making, so expect to learn a lot more on how qiibee ticks from the inside. Stay safe, stay loyal, and always stay hungry.

More soon,
Your qiibee Team

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