Celebrating an Extraordinary 2023 at qiibee!


Reflecting on a remarkable year

As we take a moment to reflect on an extraordinary year of growth, innovation, and partnership at qiibee, it’s time to place a spotlight on our 2023 milestones. From initiating new collaborations to transforming the experience of loyalty programs, we’ve made substantial strides in elevating customer engagement and adopting state-of-the-art technologies. This year has seen us pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, always striving for excellence and never settling for less. We have worked tirelessly to ensure that our efforts align with our mission and values, and we are proud of the progress we’ve made. Here’s a detailed look back at the key achievements that marked our year, each a testament to our commitment to redefine and revolutionize the loyalty landscape:

qiibee partnership with Miles & More

Our partnership with Miles & More enables SMEs to join the program effortlessly through our blockchain-based B2B marketplace, expanding options for Miles & More members and enhancing earning and spending opportunities. Our platform offers tailored marketing packages for SMEs within Miles & More, leveraging qiibee’s rewards chain for decentralized validation and storage of loyalty rewards. This collaboration strengthens enterprise-customer connections, reduces reconciliation costs, and manages various partnership aspects. We are proud to welcome the first partners, including fashionette, DAIMANI, SwissFortress, Edelweiss Coffee, Schubiger Möbel AG, Conda.ch, and brillen.de.

CONDA partnership with Miles & More, Powered by qiibee

This unique collaboration paves the way for a new rewarding era, enabling investors to earn miles for their investments. Celebrating this partnership, we’ve dedicated a portion of our financing round to CONDA.ch’s crowd investment campaign, offering investors not only a chance to join our journey starting at 500 CHF, but also earn Miles and exclusive prizes.

qiibee x Renault Italia

Our “re-w@rd” program for Renault Italia integrates blockchain and NFTs into a loyalty program, aligning perfectly with Renault’s “Renaulution” strategy. This innovative program revolutionizes the rewards experience, offering instant redemption for products, services, and exclusive experiences.

qiibee x Binance

We’re thrilled to have announced the integration of Binance earlier this year, enhancing the flexibility of loyalty programs by enabling members to convert points into various cryptocurrencies. This is a significant step forward in our mission to innovate customer loyalty. It brings a broader range of choices and a seamless exchange experience to our users.

qiibee x AllColibri

Our alliance with allcolibri.com is a leap towards global positive change. This partnership enables brands in our rewards marketplace to offer their members the choice to redeem points for charitable causes, making a difference in the world.

Launch of the Global Rewards Liquidity Report

Our groundbreaking report offers an in-depth analysis of over 70 loyalty programs, unlocking the dormant potential of $48 trillion in unspent loyalty points. This report is a step towards creating transparency in the loyalty industry and offers valuable insights for businesses and consumers alike.

A Week to Remember!

Our global team came together for an unforgettable adventure, filled with dynamic activities and productive meetings. This experience reinforced our collaborative spirit, reminding us that though we’re spread across the globe, we’re closer than ever thanks to the power of teamwork and the importance of every individual in our worldwide team.

Looking forward to 2024

As we approach the holiday season and the end of a remarkable year, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our global community. We’re excited for what the future holds and look forward to an even more successful year ahead!

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