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As our ecosystem expands, each new brand brings new connections and dimensions of loyalty to the table, strengthening the loyalty universe we’ve built. «Piu Hotels» and «32 Via dei birrai» are the two newest brands. Following our first foray into the Italian market with «Musei del Cibo, That’s Italia, and Banchini», we’ve now added these brands to our portfolio as well.

Since we already revealed our launch with «Piu Hotels» in our previous post, today we will be focusing mainly on «32 Via dei birrai». A brewery located in Italy, founded in 2006 by 3 friends that shared a common vision. To craft the best artisanal beer possible, which reflected their combined passion for beer brewing. A perfect mixture between taste and design as well as research and mastered methodology.

What did «32 Via dei birrai» expect?

As the program’s requirements were developed, consumer freedom and interconnectivity were always hot subjects. By building a more effective ‘incentive’ system, «32 Via dei birrai» aimed to create a loyalty program that offered complete independence for both the brand and the consumer.

Additionally, the brand intended to integrate into our wider loyalty ecosystem with this loyalty program, allowing interconnected loyalty transactions across other companies in the ecosystem, as well as miles swaps with Etihad Guest.

Furthermore, the need for proper tech infrastructure was evident, as it was with other brands. As a result, one of the more significant expectations of «32 Via dei birrai» was for us to achieve this connection without incurring any additional technical costs on the brand’s part.

What Did We Deliver?

We were able to meet these expectations by building a loyalty program that allows the brand to communicate with its fans on a more personal level using our white label solution.

Since the established loyalty program relies on its ability to provide customers with the flexibility they deserve when redeeming loyalty points. As well as giving «32 Via dei birrai» more alternatives for rewarding customers with tailored prizes, experiences, and even miles.

Of course, an interconnected ecosystem was always the goal, therefore through «32 Via dei birrai»’s integration into it, we were able to provide the brand the possibility to connect to one of the largest frequent flyer programs, Etihad Guest.

32 Via dei birrai x qiibee - Loyalty White Label App

“I proudly led the deal for this new loyalty program involving 32 Via dei birrai, Novaidea Creative Resources and qiibee. Probably the best and fastest mediation I ever did, thanks to the precision, and knowledge of all players involved, colleagues and partners.” (CEO of Novaidea Creative Resources)

Key Takeaways (TL:DR)

  • «32 Via dei birrai» can now profit from being integrated into our larger loyalty ecosystem, which enables interconnected loyalty transactions as well as exchange into miles using the Etihad Guest program.
  • Consumers can now redeem their accumulated points for tailored rewards, exclusive experiences, and miles from Etihad Guest → allowing for more freedom when redeeming or exchanging their loyalty points.
  • All loyalty transactions are securely stored on our blockchain, which disables the chance for any fraudulent transactions to occur and provides enhanced security + transparency.

Take advantage of loyalty’s true potential and scale it with our technology! With qiibee, you can make your loyalty mean something. Join our ecosystem today using the following link: 30 Minute qiibee demo – Francesco Pagano.

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