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As our ecosystem keeps growing, each new brand incorporates new connections and aspects of loyalty that only further fortify the loyalty universe we constructed. With the 2 newest brands being «Piu Hotels» and «32 Via dei birrai». These brands mark our second expansion into the Italian market following our first with «Musei del Cibo, That’s Italia and Banchini».

Today we will be focusing mainly on «Piu Hotels», a group of hotels and restaurants in Parma, the heart of the Food Valley in Italy. Create unforgettable experiences by enjoying your stay in various hotels and enhance your trip through great complimentary food and wine tastings.

What Did «Piu Hotels» Expect?

As with other brands, the necessity for proper loyalty tech infrastructure was present. Therefore, one of the larger expectations by «Piu Hotels», was for us to deliver a ready-to-use white label loyalty program for their customers.

With this loyalty program, «Piu Hotels» wanted to integrate into our larger loyalty ecosystem, by allowing interconnected loyalty transactions between other brands in our ecosystem as well as miles exchanges with Etihad Guest.

What Did We Deliver?

Through our white label solution, «Piu Hotels» is able to tap into a much larger network of loyalty options without any further complication. Not only does this loyalty program act as a tool for the brand to engage with its guests and fans but it also opens the door for an interconnected and decentralized loyalty ecosystem.

Which thrives on its ability to give customers the freedom they deserve when redeeming their loyalty points, but also on giving the brand more flexibility and options in regards how/when they want to award their customers with highly personalized rewards, experiences, and even miles.

The loyalty program integrated seamlessly into the existing infrastructure of «Piu Hotels». With their loyalty program integrated directly into the existing website. «Piu Hotels» simply defined what design they preferred and what their loyalty program rules should be and we delivered. That easy. Points can now be earned for hotel stays, restaurant visits and even museum exhibits.

qiibee x piu hotels - white label app

”A well thought out and attractive loyalty program is increasingly used by hotel chains all over the world, both to guarantee a Guest to get immediate benefits for a night, a stay, or a dinner and to earn as well as later be able to redeem the accumulated points. We relied on qiibee to consolidate our products and services and create continuity by retaining even the people who choose us for the first time. Professionalism, experience and concreteness made us prefer to embark on our adventure with them. Their customers also include airlines that are sure to add value to our program. We are confident of the success of our choice.” – Cristiana Crippa (General Manager)

Key Benefits (TL:DR)

  1. «Piu Hotels» profits from full integration into our loyalty ecosystem, which connects them directly to one of the largest frequent flyer programs, Etihad Guest, as well as other brands in the larger network.

  2. Customers of «Piu Hotels» can now benefit from a wider array of more personalized rewards and exclusive experiences, as well miles from Etihad Guest.

  3. All point-related transactions are safeguarded by our blockchain infrastructure, that ensures enhanced privacy, transparency and security.

Take advantage of loyalty’s true potential and scale it with our technology! With qiibee, you can make your loyalty mean something. Join our ecosystem today using the following link: 30 Minute qiibee demo – Francesco Pagano.

Expect a post on «32 Via dei birrai», another Italian brand we recently just launched, in the coming weeks. Also make sure to check out our socials throughout the whole week, since we will be uploading multiple posts on our team Get-Together.

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