qiibee x That’s Italia – New Brand Roll-Out


We are proud to announce the next brand joining our ecosystem «That’s Italia». Led by Forme srl, «That’s Italia» is the official e-commerce shop for the most renowned Italian products from some of the greatest Italian brands such as Barilla, Vespa, Lambretta, Fiat 500, and more.

Check out how we supported «That’s Italia» to reach their goals by empowering their customers and accessing millions of new customers.

What did «That’s Italia» expect?

The collaboration started with «That’s Italia’s» vision to offer their customers a unique loyalty experience and at the same time achieve an efficient integration without any investments into tech infrastructure.

These 3 needs played a major role in shaping the final product that you see today:

  1. Tech-free integration designed to cater to all of That’s Italia’s needs without having to invest in the development of a blockchain-based loyalty program
  2. Enabling their customers to utilize their loyalty points either for their own rewards or exchange into miles from Etihad Guest
  3. Fast and secure to go-to-market with minimal set-up and preparation time for the launch of their loyalty program

What Did We Deliver?

«That’s Italia» knew from the beginning that the right solution for them is our blockchain-based loyalty white label which offers them an easy, fast and secure tool to engage and incentivize their customers.

With our loyalty white label, we were able to offer the following features:

  1. The launch of their loyalty white label didn’t require any tech integration or development, only defining the loyalty rules and the design of the web app
  2. «That’s Italia» loyalty program was connected with Etihad Guest in a few days and enables customers to exchange points into miles from Etihad Guest
  3. The loyalty white label has been set up with «That’s Italia» in less than 2 weeks and securely stores all points-related transactions on our blockchain

“Forme is very happy to have activated this partnership with qiibee, a technological partner that allows us to add a service for our customers by playing one more card in our deck, aimed at maintaining customers over time and catering to their satisfaction. In addition, the use of the Blockchain has given us even further motivation to go forward with the collaboration.” – Pietro Bergamaschi (Account Manager)

That's Italia Loyalty Program

Key Benefits (TL:DR)

  1. «That’s Italia» profits from the roll-out of their blockchain-based loyalty program connected to one of the largest frequent flyer programs, with no technical integration or development, in less than 2 weeks.

  2. «That’s Italia» customers profit not only from greater discounts, experiences, and rewards but from thousands of additional redemption options offered through the connection to Etihad Guest.

  3. Profiting from enhanced security, transparency, and efficiency due to the adoption of blockchain to secure the loyalty points and all related transactions.

Let your customers be that one friend at the party that paid for his/her next trip to Hawaii because of your products and services! Make your loyalty mean something with qiibee, join our ecosystem today using the following link: 30 Minute qiibee demo – Francesco Pagano.

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