qiibee x Musei del Cibo – New Brand Roll-Out


As our ecosystem keeps growing each new brand incorporates new connections and aspects of loyalty that only further fortify the loyalty universe we constructed over at qiibee.

«Musel del Cibo», also known as the “Food Museum”, is passionate about telling Italy’s culinary story to the World. The museum provides a historical journey where individuals can learn and experience more of the real Italian products, such as Prosciutto, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and more.

What did «Musel del Cibo» expect?

Consumer freedom and interconnectivity were always topics of relevance as the expectations for the program were defined. «Musel del Cibo» wanted to create a loyalty program that ensured absolute freedom from both the brand and consumer side, by creating a more efficient ‘incentive’ system.

With this loyalty program, the brand wanted to integrate into our larger loyalty ecosystem, by allowing interconnected loyalty transactions between other brands, such as «That’s Italia» or «Banchini», as well as miles exchanges with Etihad Guest.

As with other brands, the necessity for proper tech infrastructure was present. Therefore, one of the larger expectations by «Musel del Cibo», was for us to complete this integration without any extra tech costs from the brand side.

What Did We Deliver?

Through our white label solution, we were able to deliver on these expectations by developing a loyalty program that acts as a tool for the brand to engage with its fans on a more personal level.

The established loyalty program thrives on its ability to give customers the freedom they deserve when redeeming their loyalty points, but also on giving the brand more options to award their customers with personalized rewards, experiences, and even miles.

Of course, an interconnected ecosystem was always the goal, therefore we decided to integrate «Musel del Cibo» into it, whilst also giving the brand the possibility to connect to one of the largest frequent flyer programs, Etihad Guest.

“Musei del Cibo are the first-ever in Italy, with a loyalty program based on this technology. This initiative is part of a broader context of innovation that also includes the inaugurations of new sections, electronic ticket offices that allow you to buy tickets from home, booking and skipping the line” – Mario Marini (President of Musei del Cibo)

Musei del Cibo Loyalty Program

Key Benefits (TL:DR)

  1. By being linked to one of the largest frequent flyer programs and other brand loyalty programs, «Musei del Cibo» profits from the inclusion of their loyalty program in our broader loyalty ecosystem.
  2. Customers of «Musei del Cibo» will now receive customized benefits and experiences from local and international partners, as well as Etihad Guest miles.
  3. Our blockchain ensures the highest level of protection and accountability while also safeguarding the privacy of all (points-) related transactions.

Take advantage of loyalty’s true potential and scale it with our technology! With qiibee, you can make your loyalty mean something. Join our ecosystem today using the following link: 30 Minute qiibee demo – Francesco Pagano.

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