qiibee x Gabriele Croppi – ‘Urban Souls’ NFT Collection Launch


Welcome to the second installment in our series of experimental projects, where we are utilizing NFT tech combined with our expertise in blockchain and loyalty to innovate various projects in diverse industries such as the watch and arts industry.

Our latest collaboration features the launch of the first three NFTs from the new ‘Urban Souls’ collection by Gabriele Croppi, an internationally renowned artist. Gabriele Croppi (1974) is a talented photographer that seeks to understand the connection between photography and other arts, such as painting, literature, cinema, and architecture.

These three NFTs will drop tonight on Open Sea for auction, with a final end-date of 30/06/2021 at 00:00 (CEST). The full program is run by us with the communication strategy entrusted in ‘Lampi. Comunicazione Illuminata’.

What did «Gabriele Croppi» Envision?

More than a decade later, Gabriele Croppi is launching his new collection, “Urban Souls”, in which the characters of his best-known images regain a new life.

The project seeks to reimagine the photographic tradition of the ‘Urban Landscape’ to a more fitting tradition that was inaugurated by August Sander in the early decades of the XX century.

This photographic tradition is known as ‘Social and Human Catalogues’. By releasing the three NFTs on open auction, Croppi aims to merge traditional artistic expressions from the past with the modern forms of execution that are able to be achieved thanks to blockchain technology and new tech.

Of course, the artist wants to celebrate the contributions of the fans by integrating unique unlockable contents that will have an impact on the final ‘Urban Souls’ collection through unique buyer portraits.

What Was the Result?

The cooperation, on a non-exclusive basis, between Gabriele Croppi, qiibee and Lampi allowed for experimentation and innovation with new tools of artistic expression and communication. As well as enabling both present and future fans of Gabriele Croppi to establish a more personal and loyal connection to the artists.

The first three NFTs are called Foley Square, Long Island, and Paris. All NFTs will contain the actual piece of art as well as the additional contents that are locked behind the NFT. The starting price of the auction is 1.9 ETH. The additional contents of the NFTs are:

  • Limited edition printed on a Hahnemuhle cotton paper, “Giclée” Fine Art technique, 22x22cm.
  • Exclusive meeting with the artist in Milan, for a private photo shoot.
  • A portrait of the buyer, to be included in the ‘Urban Souls’ series.      

Another brilliant aspect of the three NFTs is their ability to reward fans as well as establish a deeper connection between them, as mentioned. That is to say that the direct dialogue that is formed between the artists and fans is only possible thanks to the unique characteristics of this technology.

“Art must continually innovate, in both content and methodology. I am curious to measure myself up with the NFT tool and with new platforms, which integrate with traditional methods and contents. The future requires us to always dare and test.” – Gabriele Croppi

Key Takeaways (TL:DR)

  • Gabriele Croppi can now benefit from a personalized mode of dialogue to his fans alongside a new powerful platform to securely store and display his latest collection: Urban Souls.
  • Fans can now have a 1 on 1 dialogue with the artists and feel the impact of their contributions. Experience never-before-seen photography by Croppi and get your own portrait featured in the Urban Souls collection
  • NFTs provides a simple and effective verification system that allows fans to access the new collection more easily as well as enabling more flexibility on the artist side, as they can release new unlockable content whenever they see fit.

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