qiibee x European Snack Manufacturer – New Brand Roll-Out


With each new brand, new connections and rewards populate our loyalty marketplace further fortifying our loyalty ecosystem and the exchange within it. In partnership with «MAD Group», a loyalty and promotion agency, our latest inclusion features a leading European snacks manufacturer. Selling their delicious goods, such as potato chips, to more than 30 countries worldwide. These types of brands mark our further expansion into the FMCG industry with many more brands to follow in the future.

Check out the blog post below to find out everything on our newest brand roll-out with «MAD Group».

What Did The Brand Expect?

With loyalty moving quickly and the desire for more engaging redemption options increasing just as fast, it becomes clear that brands need to offer their members more freedom when redeeming their points. With that, the brand wanted the program to incorporate a variety of rewards including ones powered by the blockchain directly, such as NFT rewards and collectibles.

Furthermore, the brand wanted to launch in Q2 and required an easy-to-use solution that could provide their members the value they deserve without having to spend a much longer duration on building a customized solution that wouldn’t add any extra value to the program that the brand intended to design.

What Did We Deliver?

As a result, we delivered a Loyalty White Label App (LWA) that focuses on enabling the brand in providing enhanced value to its loyal members through various different means. For starters, members can now scan the QR code that is included on every new chips package, which was created specifically for the new loyalty program.

The QR code rewards members with points, which can be exchanged for different rewards including JBL Headphones and Speakers, Accessories, Merchandise, Exclusive Trips/Experiences and of course the first-ever unique NFTs created and powered by «qiibee».

With 101 unique NFTs and an array of amusement park tickets + products, there is a reward for every member. Check out the link to get a first-hand experience of this unique loyalty program.

Key Benefits (TL:DR)

  • The brand can now offer its members a wide variety of different loyalty rewards as well as provide more engaging options when interacting with its loyalty program. Additionally, profiting from being integrated into our larger loyalty ecosystem.

  • Members can now redeem their accumulated points for tailored rewards, exclusive experiences, and unique NFTs! Enabling a greater level of freedom when redeeming or exchanging their loyalty points.

  • All loyalty transactions are securely stored on our blockchain, which provides enhanced efficiency, security, and transparency.

qiibee: Access world-class brands your customers love.

Enhance customer loyalty by offering world-class brands and rewards from our marketplace that your customers love. Simultaneously, expand your customer base by offering your products and services to millions of new buyers.

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