qiibee x Deloitte – Innovation in the Watch Industry


What does the future hold for the watch industry? From product trends, pre-owned to direct-to-consumer and exponential technologies, join us on 16th June as we discuss what will make the watch industry tick in 2021 and beyond.

Dive into various topics revolving around the expectations for the post-Covid phase in the Watch industry, the role of technology in shaping the future of the dialogue with consumers, and much more!

Starting at 9:00 – 10:00 AM (CEST). In our collaborative webinar with Deloitte Switzerland, we will be featuring some exciting speakers listed below.

About the Webinar

Hosted by qiibee and Deloitte Switzerland, and moderated by Karine Szegedi, Deloitte Switzerland’s Consumer industry and Fashion & Luxury lead, this engaging discussion will include insights from:

  • Aurel Bacs – Senior Consultant, Phillips in Association with Bacs & Russo

  • Maximilian Büsser – Owner & Creative Director, MB&F

  • Manuel Emch – Founder & CEO, Le Büro

  • Patrik Hoffmann – Executive Vice President, WatchBox

  • Mohamed Samir – Group CEO of Alyasra Fashion

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear these dynamic personalities discuss their expectations and aspirations for the future of the watch industry. Tackling various topics such as:

  1. Product trends

  2. Pre-Owned and Direct-to-Consumer

  3. Exponential Technologies

  4. Expectations for the Post-Covid Phase

Among other interesting conversational points that will be touched upon by the aforementioned industry experts. Make sure to take this last opportunity to REGISTER NOW – https://deloi.tt/3vwxn0S

With more upcoming webinars in the works, we will keep you updated. All the upcoming events and latest news can be found on our social media channels and website.

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