qiibee x CoinCoffee – New Brand Roll-Out


With qiibee’s tech, brands around the world can join a decentralized loyalty marketplace that gives them instant access to renowned loyalty programs, thousands of rewards, crypto, NFTs, miles, and millions of new members.

CoinCoffee LLC. is a premium web3 coffee club where members earn rewards and engage in a tailored loyalty experience while enjoying their favorite blend of premium coffee.

Check out all the details below to explore our newest brand roll-out.


What Did The Brand Expect?

CoinCoffee wanted to build its very own loyalty program using our Loyalty White-Label tech, “The CoinCoffee Subscription and Rewards Program” would be a monthly coffee subscription model blended with Web3 utility.

We’re looking to disrupt the coffee industry with blockchain technology and move the category forward in ways no one has thought possible. We envision a new coffee experience that doesn’t just provide stars and free drinks after you’ve purchased a ton – Andre Ramsey

The brand also wanted to implement a level of gamification within its rewards program whilst adding another layer of utility to their CoinCoffee Genesis and Thorguard NFTs, as described below.

What Did We Deliver?

The final Loyalty White-Label App (LWA) was constructed to support points to crypto exchanges and features different tiers of benefits for their members as well as integrating a multiplier when holding one of their CoinCoffee Genesis or ThorGuard NFTs.


The basic premise is that for every $1 spent, a CoinCoffee member earns 1 $JAVA, with some more creative mechanics integrated below. To provide a brief summary:

1) If members hold at least 1 ThorGuard NFT = 2x the $JAVA rewards.

2) If members hold at least 1 ThorGuard NFT + 1 CoinCoffee Genesis NFT = 3x the $JAVA rewards.

Members holding a ThorGuard and CoinCoffee NFT will be eligible for the “Founders Bonus”. Paid out at the end of the month, in the form of bonus $JAVA and a chance to win ETH and BTC in a monthly raffle.

$JAVA is backed, secured, and verifiable on the Ethereum-based qiibee blockchain. The supply of $JAVA is infinite and members can redeem $JAVA on CoinCoffee’s LWA to exchange it for crypto, including:



Key Takeaways (TL:DR)

  • CoinCoffee can successfully offer their customers an elevated user experience through their dedicated Loyalty White-Label App (LWA) that enables points to crypto exchanges.
  • Loyal customers can reap the benefits of enjoying their coffee at CoinCoffee by earning $JAVA and being able to exchange that right back into various cryptocurrencies such as:
    • $BTC, $ETH, and $MATIC
  • $JAVA is backed, secured, and verifiable on the Ethereum-based qiibee blockchain. Ensuring transparency and security with all transactions executed within the loyalty program.

There are more than just a few ways to boost member engagement, growth and customer spending by 2.5x (GLTR 2022). Schedule a call with us to explore all the potential avenues: 30 Minute Call – Gioele Giancola

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