qiibee x Renault Italia: Launching a New Era of Web3 Loyalty


qiibee proudly presents rew@rd, an innovative customer engagement initiative, designed for Renault Italia. This pioneering endeavor fuses a blockchainbased loyalty program with NonFungible Tokens (NFTs), offering a heightened realtime rewards experience, fortified digital security, and unparalleled exclusivity.

Renault has distinguished itself as a leading name in electric vehicles in Europe and a pioneering mobility brand, continuously producing innovative vehicles. This launch showcases the power of our partnership with Renault Italia, and emphasizes qiibee’s steadfast dedication to integrating cuttingedge technologies into customer engagement strategies.

Join us as we delve into the exciting details of our latest brand collaboration with Renault Italia.

What did «Renault Italia» expect?

With their “Renaulution” strategic plan, Renault aims to undergo a transformative journey, concentrating on a competitive, balanced, and electrified lineup that embodies the spirit of modernity and technological innovation in the automotive industry and beyond.

The rew@rd initiative is designed to evolve, continually enriching itself with new experiences and partners. By utilizing innovative blockchain technology, the program enables native and shared-point management between Renault, customers, and program partners. This makes rewarding secure, transparent, efficient, and effective for all parties involved while offering a timesaving experience.

Eliminating the need for external intervention, customers benefit from realtime rewarding, allowing them to receive products or services instantly. This represents a significant evolution from traditional loyalty programs, which typically take 2436 hours to convert customer points, significantly slowing down the instant gratification process.

Renault Italia


“With re-w@rd, Renault showcases its innovative spirit by capitalizing on the digital revolution and blockchain opportunities. This initiative embodies our priority to provide quality time for our customers through efficient services, expanding their experience and fostering enhanced brand interaction through new forms of engagement. This is the essence of our shared philosophy: TIME FOR QUALITY LIFE.” – Raffaele Fusilli (CEO, Renault Italia)

What Did We Deliver?

Designed exclusively for Megane ETech Electric customers, the hightech, digitalnative model represents a new chapter in Renault’s electric revolution, offering an unparalleled driving experience, connectivity, and services.

Rew@rd is the first Renault Italia initiative to utilize blockchain technology as its core infrastructure. This web platform allows Megane ETech Electric customers to receive points in the form of tokens upon registration, during the ordering process, and in subsequent postpurchase phases through various interactions with the brand.

qiibee x Renault Italia - New Brand Launch

Program Details & Features

Customers can redeem their tokens on Renault products and services, as well as exclusive partner brands in the Tech and Lifestyle sectors, such as Apple, Samsung, and Sony.

An exclusive NFT collection dedicated to Megane E-Tech Electric is also available to further enhance the program. Customers who joined the program by May 21st had the opportunity to secure an exclusive NFT and a dream experience at Roland Garros 2023, where Renault is a premium partner.


Roland Garros Dream Experience – Package Includes:

  • 2 tickets to the women’s final at Roland Garros on June 10th, 2023
  • Access to the Renault VIP area in Roland Garros Village
  • Flights, transfers, and hotel accommodations in Paris
  • NFT with certified winnings

The re-w@rd program is available to all Megane E-Tech Electric customers for a trial period, during which they can provide feedback to help identify potential improvements and future developments.

Interested in exploring the potential of blockchain technology for your own brand’s loyalty program? At qiibee, we’re committed to providing innovative solutions tailored to your needs. By booking a call with us, you can discover how our expertise can help transform your customer engagement strategies, just like we did with Renault Italia. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your brand’s loyalty program to the next level.


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