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Recently we have released our updated version of the qiibee documentation, which you can find on our main website under resources or using the link provided: Welcome to qiibee.

On the documentation page, you will find out everything you need to know including the technical details for the API as well as other additional information related to new plugins and existing integrations.

Tune in below to explore the documentation page further and find out what the applications are. Including an overview of the benefits of our newly updated Loyalty API.

Our New and Enhanced Documentation Page

Our updated documentation page includes a variety of information related to our ecosystem as well as our products. In order to find out which products fit your needs check out:

  • Product components page
  • Sample Use Cases

Furthermore, if you are in the process of launching a new loyalty program or integrating an already existing one into our ecosystem. Make sure to check out the customer success roadmap as well as the four steps to success!

In the ‘Integrations’ section you can find more in-depth info regarding the:

  • Loyalty White label App (LWA),
  • Diverse widgets/plugins
  • Additional information on the loyalty API integration.

Among some of the plugins presented there are:

  • Ecommerce plugins,
  • POS integrations,
  • In-store merchant app integrations

Now, let’s take a closer look at our Loyalty API and the benefits that come with it.

What are the benefits of our Loyalty API?

Get started with our dashboard and integrate our Loyalty API in less than 1 day.  Expand Your Loyalty Program by connecting to millions of members and thousands of rewards from world-renowned brands.

With an infrastructure uptime and availability of 99.95%, you don’t have to worry about the performance of your loyalty program. Our most recent update for the Loyalty API featured WooCommerce and Shopify Plugins that can now be used after integrating our API.

Applications of the Documentation Page?

The documentation page includes information that can greatly assist brands that are launching or are planning to launch, their new loyalty program in our ecosystem. These include tasks, such as:

  • Pre-launch setup and maintenance
  • Adding loyalty functionality to the website (product page, homepage)
  • Post-launch promotion for the loyalty program via newsletter, social media or even google ad campaigns.

Brands can now fully integrate our Loyalty API and all the necessary plugins/features in order to bring their existing loyalty program into our ecosystem. The documentation pages include a full kit and all the information required to proceed with the API integration.

Key Takeaways (TL:DR)

  • Our updated documentation page features relevant information for any of your loyalty inquiries, from a customer success roadmap to sample use cases.
  • The newest version of our Loyalty API enables you to connect your loyalty program to our larger ecosystem in less than 1 day. Access millions of members and thousands of rewards from world-renowned brands.
  • Use our documentation page to help your brand launch their new loyalty program in our ecosystem using our technology or simply integrate your existing loyalty program using our Loyalty API.

Take advantage of loyalty’s true potential and scale it with our technology! With qiibee, you can make your loyalty mean something. Join our ecosystem today using the following link: 30 Minute qiibee demo – Francesco Pagano.

qiibee: Access world-class brands your customers love.

Enhance customer loyalty by offering world-class brands and rewards from our marketplace that your customers love. Simultaneously, expand your customer base by offering your products and services to millions of new buyers.

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