First-Ever Limited Edition Watches NFT Roll-Out. Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein.


While «Louis Erard» already collaborated with us to create their own unique white-label loyalty application, the past few months have seen more tremendous creative development in order to complete and present to you the newest extension to the Louis Erard loyalty program, as well as the newest collection in the series. Featuring a masterpiece that is hybrid in nature with both physical excellence and digital intricacy.

«Louis Erard», embodies the values of Swiss mechanics and watch-making. Combining luxury, timelessness, and elegance, this independent brand is renowned for its mechanical watches and, in particular, its iconic regulators. A collection on which the brand, founded by Mr. Louis Erard in 1929, built its reputation.

What did «Louis Erard» expect?

Louis Erard strives to retain the traditional characteristics of their watches through its mastered level of watch-making. Yet with this most recent release, the brand wanted to discover new avenues and act as a pioneer in the watch industry.

The goal was to develop a product that a true watch collector could appreciate. Something that delivered in its appearance and utility but also promised some sense of eternity. With this, the idea to create a “Digital Twin” arose, why not virtually design the watch perfectly to every single detail? 

So the collector could possess and enjoy it physically but also admire and encapsulate the excellence of “Le Triptyque” through an NFT. With these concepts in mind, we shifted to development.

The full launch will only include 78 limited and exclusive, “Le Triptyque Louis Erard x Alain Silberstein” box sets, that come with digital artwork signed by the artist and a personal, non-fungible token linked exclusively to their “Triptyque”.

Le Triptyque Collection Box

What Did We Deliver?

By developing another interface (as seen below), for the “Le Triptyque” box set collectors, we were able to create an individual hub where all the extra benefits and unique characteristics of this NFT can be found.

Louis Erard Digital Twin App

As already mentioned, this NFT guarantees and protects the authenticity of the limited edition, as well as containing all its technical specifications. In addition, collectors will have the opportunity to customize their digital token with a private message, making the piece even more unique and timeless.

Key Takeaways (TL:DR)

  • «Louis Erard» can offer customers the same level of excellence in watchmaking, while also providing a new level of excitement with new tech integrations through the blockchain and NFTs.

  • Watch enthusiasts will now have more fun than ever when collecting watches, as they can expand their search beyond just the physical into the digital realm of watch collecting. Adding another layer of excitement and flair to the process.

  • The use of the blockchain and NFTs, enables more effective authentication procedures, as well as providing a new way to enjoy the newest “Le Triptyque” release.

This marks our 4th release in the realm of NFTs, as we mentioned previously, with each new launch we can learn something new and build our knowledge on NFTs further. Therefore, we want to include you in this journey. So make sure you are tuned for more posts in the coming weeks. 😉

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