The Future of Luxury – How Loyalty Can Boost Your Numbers


After a successful launch and a few months of progress, we decided to showcase some of the highlights of the Louis Erard loyalty program and their most recent project.

For further insight into some of the data as well as a clear overview of the next steps, tune in below to answer all your burning questions!

The “Le Triptyque” Launch

Le Triptyque launched in June and sold out within just a few hours. Featuring 78 collectible boxes at the price of CHF 11,111 per box. The collector’s box features:

  • 3 unique timepieces

  • Luxury wooden collector’s box

  • Each watch has an NFT digital twin featuring:

    • Proof of authenticity including technical specifications

    • Digital artwork included by the watch designer, Alain Silberstein.

    • Opportunity to engrave the digital twin of your watch.

  • All collector’s also received 150 Louis Erard Points, redeemable for:

    • Exclusive VIP discount (10%)

    • 6,000 Miles from Miles & More or Etihad Guest

The collector’s item was also featured in the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie in Geneva, winning an award for the best product design by Red Dot.

Le Triptyque Collection Box

Loyalty Highlights

Over the last few months, we observed that approximately 1/3 of all Louis Erard’s customers registered to their loyalty program in that time frame. These members showed an increased engagement, which led to an increase in 25% more spending per member.

The successful launch of the campaign, “Le Triptyque”, showed that collectors were very enthusiastic about the upcoming launch. The success of the program is evident by the growth rates produced in the last months for different KPIs. Below are some of the KPIs we’ve tracked during the last months:

  • # of Members Registered = 30.4% average monthly growth rate (Q1-Q3)

  • Revenue Rewarded in CHF = 51.23% average monthly growth rate (Q1-Q3)

  • Redemption rate increased from approx. 20% to 45% in the last 9 months

Some other interesting progress we observed was in regards to online sales growing in double digits in comparison to last year. Of course, this was especially impacted by the additional revenue that the loyalty program members have produced directly over Louis Erard’s e-commerce store.

Key Takeaways (TL:DR)


  • Louis Erard was able to captivate its members through the successful implementation of its loyalty program and further evoke interest with its newer releases. As reflected by the release of, “Le Triptyque”, which launched in June and sold out close to a million dollars worth of watches within just a few hours.

  • Furthermore, the loyalty program progress over the last few months resulted in a successful increase in spending per member by about 25%. This can be attributed to the increase in members registered by 30.4% monthly as well the 20-45% increase in redemption rate over the last 9 months.

Expect more announcements and posts in the coming weeks, as we will be announcing the launch of another brand that recently joined our ecosystem. Additionally, we will be exploring other successful programs in the ecosystem and constructing a concise case study on these.

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