qiibee x How To Spend It – New Brand Roll-Out


The expansion never stops! This week we are proud to present the newest brand joining our ecosystem, «How To Spend It». Through our loyalty ecosystem expansion, we aim to incorporate various global brands that can offer a variety of rewards but we also seek to enhance the general interoperability of the ecosystem through these seamless integrations.

«How To Spend It» is the benchmark for luxury lifestyle magazines. Part of the larger Financial Times Magazine, «How To Spend It» has been alive for 7 years in Italy and is distributed globally through «Il Sole 24». Their stories are made to show the affluent readers various modes of living, so they can decide best how they wish to spend their money and more importantly their time.

What did «How To Spend It» expect?

«How To Spend It» wanted to use the evolving technology of blockchain in combination with their established community, to create a ‘clubhouse’ of sorts. Their vision was to connect the passion of the readers on a single platform.

Through this platform, readers could enjoy more exclusive content, than that present in the newspaper. As well as a behind-the-scenes look at various stories.

Their vision didn’t stop there, as they wanted to implement a sense of gamification to their project. Therefore, they incorporated collectible NFT covers, even covers that have never been previously seen in the newspaper. This collectibility and community aspect would fuel the engagement of the readers by reading, collecting, acquiring points, and talking with the brand as well as other community members.

What did we deliver?

In order to fulfill the vision that «How To Spend It» had, we created a web app that all readers and interested members can access by scanning a QR code that can be found on the physical newspapers on various newsstands around Italy.

The web app allows all the collected NFTs covers to be stored in one secure location, that users can also use for various other activities such as: voting on different covers, reserving a spot at awesome new exhibitions at the Piazza Duomo in Milan, behind-the-scenes access to different stories and many, many more goodies!

Through this platform the community should feel like they have an impact on the communicative journey, the readers can now feel like the protagonist of the story.

qiibee x How To Spend It - Web App

Key Takeaways (TL:DR)

  • «How To Spend It» can now create a world for all its passionate readers, in which they can interact with them, receive relevant feedback in real-time, and even provide them higher incentives to read their stories every day.

  • Readers can now benefit by being on the frontline of technology and communication. By having exclusive access to content, collectible NFT covers, and a points system; There is even more reason for users to enjoy the stories brought to them by «How To Spend It».

  • The platform provided by qiibee, stores all points-transactions and NFTs, on our own established chain. Users can relax and keep collecting, knowing that everything is secured through the blockchain.

Take advantage of loyalty’s true potential and scale it with our technology! With qiibee, you can make your loyalty mean something. Join our ecosystem today using the following link: 30 Minute qiibee demo – Francesco Pagano.

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