qiibee x Filippo Lubrano – “Cinque Terre” NFT Collection Launch


Welcome to the third edition of our series of experimental projects, in which we are combining NFT technology with our blockchain and loyalty knowledge to create new and innovative products in industries as disparate as watchmaking and arts.

The video-poetry of Filippo Lubrano, winner of the Italian National Synesthetic Award, is one of the first of its kind to land on the NFT market, via Open Sea the three NFTs, called “Bay of Poets”, can be acquired.

We are excited to announce that the program was constructed and is run by us, whilst the communication strategy is managed by Lampi. Comunicazione Illuminata.

Look out for the drop on Open Sea, which went live yesterday and will be active until the 1st of July at 11:59 pm (CEST).

What did «Filippo Lubrano» Envision?

The vision that shaped the NFT started from the video poem, which performative poet Filippo Lubrano crafted. “L’ultima volta che ho pensato al future”, which is shot by the director Silvio Trinchero, sees the author himself acting in a distressing two-voice piece of art.

This video poem is meant to act as Lubrano’s way of expressing his perception of the perceived anxiety and lack of perspectives that young minds experience daily. With NFTs, Lubrano wanted to take his art to another level by creating a non-fungible token that materialized on the blockchain.

One of the ideas that make art so fantastic, is the ability to freely express and display a shard of reality from the artist’s perspective. Through the use of NFTs, this can be captured more easily by adding another artistic layer, which the artist describes as “possession in the immaterial age”. With these concepts in mind, we begin the process of forging the best possible result.

What Was the Result?

The non-exclusive collaboration between Filippo Lubrano, qiibee, and Lampi allowed for exploration and creativity with new instruments of artistic expression and communication. As well as allowing current and future Filippo Lubrano fans to form a more personal and devoted bond with the artist.

The final NFT, “Bay of Poets”, was shot between the Cinque Terre and the hinterland of La Spezia, and in some places that are strongly anti-tourism. The proud owner of the NFT will receive the full and original copy of the video poem as well as the additional unlockable contents displayed below. The starting price of the auction is 2.49 ETH.

The additional NFT contents are:

  • An exclusive experience, thanks to the partnership with the Grand Hotel Portovenere (5 stars) – 1 Night Stay for 2 people, with dinner,
    • Accompanied by an amazing opportunity to meet the author.
  • “Tour of the Poets” boat trip: a unique and private tour, with a typical Ligurian boat, including an aperitif and tasting session, and above all with the declamation of the author’s poems.

“Professionally and artistically, my path is entirely dedicated to innovation. I sincerely believe that NFTs can add an extra layer to the concept of “possession” in the immaterial age, that of the information that we are experiencing. I am happy to challenge myself once again with this pioneering opportunity for our industry.” – Filippo Lubrano

Key Takeaway (TL:DR)

  • Filippo Lubrano can now benefit from another platform of artistic expression where fans can more closely engage with his art as well the artists himself.
  • Fans of the artists can expect to receive the exclusive rewards mentioned but also have the chance to potentially be the first to experience new unlockable content from Lubrano.
  • The construction of this project would not have been possible without the utility of NFT to wrap it all together, facilitating the verification process and negating any potential for fraudulent behavior.

Become a pioneer in the arts industry and acquire the NFT here: https://opensea.io/collection/filippo-lubrano-x-qiibee.

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