qiibee x EY – Blockchain Normalized Webinar


Get ready for our, “Blockchain Normalized”, Fireside Chat on the 15th of June brought to you by EY and qiibee. Our awesome Head of Sales, Francesco Pagano, will be responsible for moderating the conversation.

At qiibee we work with Luxury, Food & Hospitality Brands & Institutions, and more broadly with SMEs in EMEA and the US, providing them with consumer engagement and loyalty on the blockchain solutions.

EY is, of course, a world-known powerhouse that is active in the blockchain space, and completed their EY Global Summit on blockchain in May. For further details please check out the following link: EY Global Blockchain Summit.

About the Webinar

Go on a journey with some of the industry specialists to discover more about the role of Blockchain-based programs in shaping the future and our World, as well as changing the dialogue with people and consumers.

Featuring some exciting speakers such as:

  1. Sheila Warren (Deputy Head of the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution – Executive Committee, WEF); consider engaging media partner (ex., Il Sole 24 Ore)

  2. Frederik Gregaard (CEO Cardano Foundation)

  3. Paul Brody (Principal & Global Innovation Leader, BlockChain Technology, Ernst & Young)

Tackle some of the hottest trends in the blockchain sphere directly through EY’s Livestream. Some of the topics that will be explored further are:

  1. NFTs, crypto, blockchain-based marketplaces
  2. Supply chain revolution
  3. Concrete success stories
  4. Highlighting areas of improvements in these previous success stories

Other areas of interest that will be discussed further regard, the perceived delicate areas of blockchain work, like crypto speculation and taxation, sustainability, digital identities & privacy, as well as authenticity & counterfeiting.

Make sure to sign up ASAP, as there are limited seats and the event will be exclusive for C-level execs and qiibee channel partners. Use this link to sign up for FREE today: Blockchain Normalized.

There will be a lot more events planned, as we will be exploring various topics in the blockchain and loyalty sphere, through these events we aim to include you, more closely, on our journey to our loyalty ecosystem vision. 

qiibee: Access world-class brands your customers love.

Enhance customer loyalty by offering world-class brands and rewards from our marketplace that your customers love. Simultaneously, expand your customer base by offering your products and services to millions of new buyers.

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