CONDA Partnership with Miles & More, powered by qiibee


We’re excited to introduce the first partner of Miles & More powered by qiibee – CONDA, a leading crowdinvesting platform.

What is CONDA?

CONDA Switzerland, headquartered in Baar, was established in 2021 as a joint venture between the Austrian crowdinvesting platform CONDA and the Swiss startup supporter and investor Braingelist. CONDA was founded in Vienna in 2013 and is a pioneer in crowdinvesting for startups and SMEs across the DACH region.

Launched in 2021, the platform has already successfully financed over 20 projects with over 16 million Swiss francs. now has over 11,000 investors in its community and offers them the opportunity to invest directly in growing, hand-picked Swiss startups with great potential.

Benefits of CONDA

CONDA offers accessible investment opportunities and connects investors to a diverse range of promising ventures. With a history of financing over 200 projects, the platform provides a proven solution for investment. Beyond financial aid, CONDA serves as a potent marketing tool for ventures. It revolutionizes traditional fundraising methods and builds lasting loyalty through direct community engagement. Crowdfunding platforms like CONDA enhance a sense of belonging among backers with transparency and exclusive rewards.

CONDA and Miles & More

The partnership between Miles & More and CONDA is ushering in a new era of rewards by allowing investors to receive Miles as rewards when investing.

In honor of the partnership launch, we have set aside a part of our financing round exclusively for as part of this crowd investment campaign. Our goal for this campaign is not only to give crowd investors the opportunity to be part of our journey, but also to find ambassadors for our vision. We are looking for individuals who understand our vision and are also actively contributing to the growth of our business. You’ll have the opportunity to invest in qiibee starting from CHF 500 on and as a bonus you’ll be rewarded with miles and exclusive prizes.

For making an investment and more details on packages available visit:

The future of loyalty

We are on the verge of a revolution, and thanks to visionaries like CONDA, who are leading the way in empowering crowd investors to connect with exciting companies, this can become a reality. This groundbreaking partnership positions Conda as a pioneer in offering miles as rewards for investing. We’re proud to be the first campaign to employ this innovative initiative.

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