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As we keep growing and expanding our loyalty ecosystem, we decided it would be exciting to pursue some more experimental and innovative projects. Utilizing our expertise in the blockchain and our deep knowledge of loyalty we were able to release the first-ever book on the blockchain, in collaboration with Il Sole 24 Ore and The AD Store Italia.

Il Sole 24 Ore can be described as an Italian national daily newspaper that focuses on various economics, finance, and stock topics as well as other interesting news from various global phenomena. Il Sole has 5+ Mill fans across all of its social media profiles and can count on approximately 40 Mill unique viewers per month on its main website.

The AD Store Italia is an Italian ad agency that leads the Ad Store international network. With the sole focus of providing the best advertising services in Italy.

What did «CEO Confidential» expect?

This special collaboration with CEO Confidential and The Ad Store Italia prompted us to think out of the box. The concept behind this project was derived from the initial brand expectation. A hybrid book, that merges the best of both worlds, tradition, and blockchain.

The idea was to combine powerful information from various CEOs around the world using blockchain infrastructure but more than that, the brand wanted a way for users to experience a new way of reading books.

One where the story never ends, the information never stops flowing because it is an everlasting stream. Where more contributions will be added over time to create an encyclopedia of information. The ultimate book that can still be considered new, 20 years after purchase.

What Did We Deliver?

By using the QR code embedded within the pages, the user will be led to CEO Confidential. The book’s official web app, that was designed for the sole purpose of containing and protecting the exclusive contributions of over 60 CEOs from all around the world. As well as, inviting you to take part in an exclusive webinar at the Turin Book Fair, 2021.

The most fascinating part about this project is the ‘living’ and ongoing aspect of it. The fact that the book is ‘tokenized’, essentially means that each reader is transformed into an author in a transparent and open network of ‘distributed registers. Every single node, that is to say, each reader, will be able to provide its own contribution to the subject. The reader thus becomes co-author, and the book is transformed into a living and constantly evolving object, thanks to the active contribution of the community of readers, always updated on new contents.

“Whatever the CEO decides, even the most forward-thinking and visionary one, he or she will see effects that are potentially devastating for their company, community, and the whole world. Everyone is afraid. Who has the courage to be the first?” – [Frank Pagano]

CEO Confidential Book NFT

Key Benefits (TL:DR)

  • Il Sole 24 Ore and The AD Store Italia can categorize themselves as industry and market pioneers by successfully launching the first-ever book on the blockchain in collaboration with qiibee. An everlasting book, that seeks to hear the contributions of all readers.
  • Readers can now truly feel an impact when speaking their mind about the book, their thoughts and contributions will finally cement themselves into the fibers of the book itself. Making the user a co-author and a contributor rather than just a reader.
  • The use of blockchain allows a more efficient and transparent verification process, especially in regard to users instantly accessing the web app and the NFT through the QR code.

Our latest launch marks are an important moment for qiibee, as we strive to expand and grow, we must seek to innovate and change. With new ideas, products, projects, or even campaigns.

Be sure to check out the book using the link provided on our social accounts and make sure to leave us a comment about it on our socials using #qiibeeCEOConfidential.

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