qiibee x Banchini- New Brand Roll-Out


The expansion keeps going, as we welcome the newest brand into our loyalty ecosystem «Banchini». An Italian brand that incorporates the nostalgia of Italian history into fine chocolate and ice cream delicacies that it has been crafting since 1879.

Our collaboration with «Banchini» led to the creation of this unique loyalty program, that empowers customers with better loyalty benefits and allows the brand to access millions of more customers. Tune in below to find out everything.

What did «Banchini» expect?

The brand wanted to develop a loyalty program that offered the most amazing rewards and delivered the highest degree of freedom to customers, whilst also allowing «Banchini» to retain flexibility when operating within the web app.

The expectation was to create a program where fans from the whole «Banchini» network could benefit from their loyalty to the brand. This interconnected loyalty program would enable customers to also benefit from other Italian brands in the ecosystem, such as «That’s Italia» or «Musei Del Cibo».

With a quick and seamless integration into our loyalty ecosystem, that would unfold without any extra cost or investment into tech infrastructure from «Banchini».

What Did We Deliver?

By merging the expectations of «Banchini» and our blockchain-based white label solution, we were able to provide them with a simpler, more efficient instrument for engagement that was based on values that were long-established, loyalty.

Using our technology and the loyalty ecosystem we have constructed, we were able to deliver the first-ever blockchain-based loyalty program, in the Food & Retail industry, that featured:

  1. An interconnected web of Italian brands that work in their own loyalty micro-verse but are also connected to larger frequent flier programs in the ecosystem, such as Etihad Guest.
  2. Personalized rewards and exclusive experiences are provided from the various brands within the local and global ecosystem.
  3. Access to miles from some of the largest providers in the world and endless possibilities to play around with your points + miles.

“The network that qiibee is creating is truly fascinating: the collaboration with companies such as Musei del Cibo and That’s Italia is an exclusive privilege for us at Banchini and for our customers that we can offer with extreme simplicity“– Giacomo Banchini (Owner)

Banchini Loyalty Program

Key Benefits (TL:DR)

  1. «Banchini» benefits from the integration of their loyalty program in our larger loyalty ecosystem, by being connected to one of the largest frequent flyer programs and offering interconnected loyalty.
  2. «Banchini» customers can now enjoy personalized rewards and experiences from international partners, as well as miles from Etihad Guest.
  3. Our blockchain enables maximum security and transparency, protecting the privacy of all (points-) related transactions.

Enjoy the true potential of loyalty and scale it using our technology! Make your loyalty means something with qiibee, join our ecosystem today using the following link: 30 Minute qiibee demo – Francesco Pagano.

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