qiibee’s NFT Feature – Use Case #3: Enhancing Customer Loyalty with Collectible and Redeemable NFTs


In the dynamic landscape of loyalty programs, the key to success lies in continuous innovation and customer engagement. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have emerged as a groundbreaking tool to drive customer engagement.

In our previous entries, we explored how membership NFTs can establish exclusive tiers for loyal customers and how Perk NFTs can create captivating time-limited offers and promotions.

In this third installment of our qiibee’s Features & Marketplace Updates series, we delve deeper into the potential of NFTs, focusing on their use as collectible items and redeemable rewards. Join us as we uncover how these two types of NFTs can revolutionize customer loyalty programs.

Collectible NFTs: Limited Edition Virtual Goods


“One of the most exciting applications of NFTs in loyalty programs is the creation of limited edition virtual goods. These digital assets can be unique in-game skins, items, or artwork that can be traded or sold within the gaming community.”

For instance, a gaming company like Blizzard Entertainment can create limited edition collectible NFTs to reward loyal customers. These digital assets can be traded or sold within the gaming community, further driving customer engagement and brand loyalty.

The Ethereum blockchain, which is the most popular platform for NFTs, processed over $7.5 billion worth of NFT transactions in 2022 alone, highlighting the immense potential of this market.




Blizzard Entertainment

With that, collectible NFTs offer several advantages over traditional physical collectibles:


Unlike physical collectibles, NFTs require no physical production, making them a more sustainable choice. They exist entirely online, reducing the environmental impact associated with manufacturing and shipping physical items.


The nature of NFTs allows for unique implementations that can drive higher levels of engagement. For example, NFTs can be integrated into games or apps, providing an interactive experience that goes beyond what traditional collectibles can offer.


As digital assets, NFTs pose no physical harm, making them a safer option for children. Parents can rest easy knowing their children can safely trade and collect NFTs.




In-Store & Digital NFT Redeemables

“Another innovative use of NFTs in loyalty programs is as redeemable rewards. Businesses can issue NFTs that customers can redeem for discounts on products, free items, or other rewards.”

While the use of NFTs in the retail sector is still in its early stages, there is a growing interest in this technology. Luxury brands, in particular, are exploring the use of NFTs to offer exclusive digital products and experiences to their customers.

Consider a supermarket chain like Walmart. They could issue NFTs that customers can redeem for various rewards. This approach offers several benefits:

Customer Engagement

By offering NFTs as rewards, customers are incentivized to make repeat purchases to collect more NFTs. This can drive customer engagement and increase sales. In fact, the average American is a member of 14.8 loyalty programs, and they actively participate in 6.7 of them, demonstrating the potential reach of such programs.

Broad Appeal

By offering both physical and digital rewards, the loyalty program appeals to a broader range of customers. This can help attract a diverse customer base and cater to different preferences.

Unique Experience

NFTs offer a unique experience that traditional rewards cannot provide. Customers can trade or sell their NFTs, adding an additional layer of engagement to the loyalty program.

Key Takeaways (TL:DR)

In this third installment of our series, we’ve explored how NFTs can be used as collectible items and redeemable rewards, providing unique ways to engage customers and foster brand loyalty. The future of loyalty programs lies in innovative solutions like these, and with qiibee’s blockchain-based rewards marketplace, integrating NFTs into your loyalty program is easier than ever.

  1. NFTs offer a new and exciting way for businesses to engage customers and foster brand loyalty.
  2. Collectible NFTs, such as limited edition virtual goods, can be traded or sold within communities, driving customer engagement and brand loyalty.
  3. Redeemable NFTs can be issued by businesses for customers to redeem for discounts or rewards, appealing to a broad range of customers and encouraging repeat purchases.
  4. qiibee’s blockchain-based rewards marketplace allows businesses to easily integrate NFTs into their loyalty programs, offering a unique and engaging experience for customers.

Ready to take your loyalty program to the next level? Book a meeting with us today to learn more about how qiibee can help you leverage the power of NFTs in your loyalty program.

Stay tuned for the next installment in our series, where we’ll continue to explore the exciting possibilities of NFTs in loyalty programs.

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