Key Insights #4: Airline Program Valuations & Rewards Liquidity


Throughout the research and creation of our Global Rewards Liquidity Report 2023, an extremely interesting tendency within the airline frequent flyer programs stood out. We saw that there is a strong correlation between the top 10 airline reward programs in terms of their valuation* and the top 10 airline loyalty programs in terms of Rewards Liquidity Score (RLS).

You can download the full report for free here.

Rewards Liquidity Score and Program Valuations

As seen below, on the left are the top 10 airlines with their respective loyalty program ranked by RLS, while on the right are the top 10 airlines/rewards programs ranked by their valuation in $M, where 6 out of 10 overlap. This shows us that the more value is given to the members of a loyalty program, by providing more reward flexibility or rather reward liquidity, the more successful that program becomes in terms of their overall valuation.

Top 10 Ranking by Rewards Liquidity Score

#1 Aeroplan – RLS: 56.56

#2 Cathay – RLS: 54.07

#3 Mileage Plus – RLS: 53.83

#4 Flying Blue – RLS: 50.44

#5 Avancia LifeMiles – RLS: 49.93

#6 Qanta Frequent Flyer – RLS: 48.12

#7 JAL Mileage Bank – RLS: 47.91

#8 Alaska Mileage Plan – RLS: 47.60

#9 AAdvantage – RLS: 47.51

#10 IAG Avios – RLS: 46.11

Top 10 Ranking by Loyalty Program Valuation

#1 SkyMiles – $M: 27’923

#2 AAdvantage – $M: 23’933

#3 Mileage Plus – $M: 22’002

#4 Rapid Rewards – $M: 8’828

#5 Miles & More – $M: 7’971

#6 IAG Avios – $M: 7’084

#7 Flying Blue – $M: 6’923

#8 Aeroplan – $M: 6’840

#9 SkyPass – $M: 4’594

#10 Cathay – $M: 4’552



As also seen in our previous key insights post on the Global Rewards Liquidity Report 2023 results, the more you are able to increase your own loyalty program’s Rewards Liquidity Score, by making it easier and more accessible for your members to earn and spend your rewards, the more successful you will be. This ultimately helps you retain you existing customers, acquire new ones, and make your loyalty program more valuable.

If you are a business looking for ways to increase your customer retention and acquire new customers, we have the solution for you. We make it extremely easy to partner with various frequent flyer programs mentioned above. Schedule a call with us to find out how.

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