Convos from the qiibee Kitchen #2


This week we feature the marketing team in the second entry of our 5-part blog post series.

Welcome back for the second post in our 5-part series, “Convos from the qiibee kitchen”. This week we feature our youngest member, Gioele Giancola, who is tasked to work with the marketing and sales team. For today he will be providing us a glimpse at how the GenZ mind performs diverse marketing activities such as content development, lead qualifications, data processing, and other cross-department tasks.

What’s your team?

When I’m not supporting Francesco Pagano with sales, who you previously met in our last entry, I mainly work alongside the german marketing veteran, Florian Lehwald, who is responsible for both developing my marketing skills as well as strategizing our road to marketing success. Of course, the team is much larger and filled full of other brilliant minds but these are my two bosses so I had to give them a quick shout-out. Please let me take off next week Frank? I’m kidding, I promise!… let’s move on now.

Who are your colleagues?

I’d like to think that we are like the ghostbusters but instead of 4 members… we are 12 and instead of busting ghosts, we bust traditional loyalty using the most advanced up-to-date blockchain tech you’ve seen… so I guess we’re blockbusters??

In my eyes, each member of the team perfectly completes the qiibee puzzle, all of the individuals bring a different vibe to the group but we still all compliment each other, which in my opinion is precisely the reason why the team meetings are so efficient and informative, yet still retain a casual nature.

What do you do on a normal day?

My day has multiple aspects to it, since I support both marketing and sales, I have two separate operating systems in my brain that I need to use, much like Mac and Windows. For explanations-sake… let’s say Mac is marketing and Windows is sales. My Mac is always on in the morning, while my Windows OS is mainly active during noon and afternoon.

So… my Mac OS works like this, I start off the day by scanning through the list of content pieces for publication and for execution. This is a seminal part of the process because everything is time coordinated and has to be posted by a specific time, so writing a content piece that is due in 2 weeks is about the furthest thing from a smart decision, as one can make at 10:23 am on a Monday. That being said, content creation is the number 1 take all task for the morning until lunchtime, mainly because I try and write as much I can when I’m in the flow.

Another vital part of my day-to-day activities is actually a cross-over task with sales, and that is the qualification of leads. Using the given traits and characteristics I compile an assessment, which is evaluated before the lead may be passed onto the sales sector but generally, all this is quite boring so to spare you the torture, should we move on?

What are your team’s plans for the next 12 months?

I really don’t want to repeat what everyone else said or will say but it’s the truth so it’s worth emphasizing, 2021 is all about scaling up and expanding. I also believe that one significant factor to maintain and cater to is team expansion, as with the addition of new skilled team members the scaling process will be facilitated.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s post in the series and are getting ready for next week’s, where we will be featuring Claudio Sgarbi, our very own Head of Product. Who will be giving us a deep dive into the operations behind the Product department as well as their plans for the future. If you ever wanted to familiarize yourself with our product and all the layers that lie behind the development process, then make sure to tune in next week because this following segment in the series is packed with a lot of awesome info that goes deeper into some of the day-to-day duties executed by the Product sector as well as the objectives met.

This marks the official completion of our 2nd post in the 5-part series, “Convos from the qiibee Kitchen”. We wish you all the very best! Stay safe, stay loyal, and always stay hungry.

More soon,
Your qiibee Team

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