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Spark, Les Roches new innovation sphere, introduces qiibee as a blockchain partner

We are excited and proud to announce our participation in the new innovation initiative by Les Roches, Spark, together with other amazing high-tech companies, such as Workshop 4.0, Simprosoft, and Brunata AG.

Spark is a great global initiative that is open to startups, major international brands as well as students. Up to 20 innovation projects and 10 startup incubation projects will be hosted per year. Students who are thinking of setting up a startup project during their studies will find this unique opportunity especially appealing.

Swiss hospitality education is known worldwide for its standard of excellence and that is reflected by Spark as well as what it stands for, “a multi-disciplinary center, a network and a collaborative web platform”.

What is the Goal of Spark?

The overarching mission of the hub is to inspire, ignite, and incubate. By educating the change-makers of tomorrow, Les Roches commits to nurturing the ideas and businesses that will become next-generation hospitality. The expert insight from the faculty, alumni, and guest speakers, along with cutting edge technologies are here to inspire the students. True creativity is ignited through the help of the industry partners who are part of the hub. Students are invited to develop and test new hospitality solutions in living laboratories and the incubation process happens on campus. Disruptive ideas are thus created and developed by the students as well as other interesting candidates from the wider startup ecosystem.

To put it simply, the industry is evolving, education is evolving and technology is evolving exponentially. Therefore, the digital knowledge of today is the key to the success of tomorrow. Another way to understand this, is through the words of the managing director of Les Roches, “companies like have evolved thanks to the digital revolution 2.0 in a disconnected industry. With the arrival of web 4.0, our industry must embrace technology and become a leading player in its own development. This makes the digital knowledge now more than ever a key component in the education of the leaders of tomorrow”. said Christine Demen Meier, who is also a member of the Innovation Council of Innosuisse.

These cutting-edge technologies are the gateway to a more successful and efficient future but with the right integration of course. Through the digital expertise shared by the six world-class tech companies (including qiibee), Spark will leverage the knowledge gained in order to discuss, define, and develop the technological solutions of the future.

Spark: Activities

The main activities of Spark include, 1) a challenge center that will include a consultancy phase as well as a diagnostics aspect, 2) a development center, startup coaching and an incubation phase, 3) a testing center for the projects as well as other events to participate in.

These three key aspects of Spark will be the driving force behind all the projects participating. The activities will help identify, create, develop, and execute the results expected for each of the projects.

Six world-class tech companies will be the first to feature their incubation projects at SPARK and will be fortunate enough to develop their projects through the activities shown above. These companies are: Simprosoft, the leader in Virtual Reality (VR); Workshop 4.0, robotics engineer; Brunata AG, the international leader in the Internet of Things (IoT) and of course last but not least qiibee the global standard for loyalty on the blockchain.

Once again we would like to express our excitement for the upcoming months and the things to come. Spark provides a great opportunity for us to be a part of the evolution of hospitality, especially through the new technological advancements and major changes that have occurred in 2020. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay tuned.

More soon,

Your qiibee Team

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