qiibee at VeeCon 2023: Networking Redefined

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Hello, VeeCon 2023 attendees and Web3 pioneers! Embark on a journey of connection and discovery with qiibee’s unique NFT opportunities at VeeCon 2023!

VeeCon 2023 and the innovative world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) come together for an unforgettable experience. We’re stepping into the blockchain future and curating a unique networking opportunity for all attendees.

If you’re new to qiibee NFTs, we recommend checking out our most recent article revolving around all the different types of NFTs available through our newly upgraded NFT Feature, built for loyalty programs and brands in the space.

Forge Meaningful Connections & Win a Veefriends Series 2

In a landmark move for VeeCon 2023, we are proud to present the latest addition to qiibee’s NFT feature.

These novel assets transcend the traditional concept of NFTs, serving instead as digital business cards comparable to the widely respected POAPs (Proof of Attendance Protocol tokens).

We’re arranging an exclusive lucky draw, offering a chance to win a VeeFriends Series 2 NFTs by forming meaningful connections at the conference (more details below).


Gabriele Giancola
Co-Founder & CEO


Gianluca Giancola
Co-Founder & CDO


Gioele Giancola
Partnerships Manager

The future of networking is right around the corner, enabling you to collect and remember each encounter with qiibee in a memorable fashion. But what makes these NFTs unique? Beyond the utility provided, they serve as tangible keepsakes from VeeCon 2023, creating memorable snapshots of your connections and crystallizing those through qiibee NFTs.

Each NFT will represent a connection made with one of the aforementioned qiibee team members at VeeCon 2023 and will serve as your ticket to our VeeFriends S2 raffle.

What is VeeFriends?

For those who aren’t yet familiar with VeeFriends, they are a unique collection of hand-drawn characters providing access to real-world benefits and experiences. Winning a VeeFriends Series 2 NFT is not just about owning another digital asset; it’s about gaining access to a network and a world of new experiences like VeeCon.

Resourceful Robin #50169

Resourceful Robin #50169

Networking Redefined

This is more than just an event – it’s an experience, a journey, and a way to make VeeCon 2023 an unforgettable memory. Connect with us at qiibee & collect your digital memento from VeeCon 2023, creating tangible remembrances of your riveting interactions.

So, are you ready to redefine networking and make lasting connections at VeeCon 2023? Make sure to share your excitement for VeeCon 2023 on your social media using the hashtags #qiibee & #VeeCon2023!

Don’t forget to tag us @qiibee and of course our amazing hosts @veecon, @garyvee and @TeamGaryVee. We can’t wait to see you. Let the journey begin! Have any further inquiries, feel free to get in touch with us below.

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