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Currently, we are in the process of developing our very own ‘Loyalty Report’, including research backed by hundreds of participants as well as an in-depth industry analysis and a loyalty overview. Before we dive into the ‘Loyalty Report Survey’ we want to briefly introduce ourselves to any new users.

At qiibee we aim to connect the fragmented loyalty market by creating an ecosystem that enables brands around the world to either launch or integrate their loyalty program through our dedicated blockchain.

Our vision is to interconnect loyalty programs on a larger scale, in order to establish a world where loyalty is favorable for all stakeholders involved. Whether it be the members, brands, or third-party partners. Through this report, we want to demonstrate the potential of loyalty and what it can do for brands in the long run.

What is the Loyalty Report?

The ‘2022 Loyalty Tech Trends Report’, aims to consolidate the most relevant and significant loyalty trends that occurred in 2021, in order to subsequently explore and analyze the emerging trends in 2022.

Through our report, we aim to educate and inform interested individuals on the loyalty scene through data-backed arguments as well as insight from various experts in the field.

How Can You Participate?

To more accurately explore the topic of loyalty and the upcoming trends, we wanted to invite everyone to fill out a quick survey.

With your help, we can achieve a greater level of accuracy with our data collection, as the answers from the survey will be the basis of our primary analysis and the formation of the final discussion. Below we highlighted some of the rewards that you could expect upon completion of the survey.

Will I Be Rewarded?

As a thank you for your participation we have decided to give out some goodies:

  1. 50 qiibee Partner Points, worth 2,500 Miles
  2. A chance to win a luxury watch from Louis Erard

Follow the link in order to participate: Loyalty Report Survey

Key Takeaways (TL:DR)

  • We are developing a loyalty report that is set to release very early in 2022, with this report we want to explore the loyalty trends of 2021 as well as the emerging trends for the coming year.
  • The survey we are conducting will be the basis for the primary data analysis we are performing, and you can be a part of it!
  • If you take part in the survey, you have a chance to win 50 qiibee partner points, worth 2,500 Miles, and a chance to win a luxury watch from Louis Erard, don’t miss out!

If you have any suggestions for key topics or trends we should definitely observe for our loyalty report, then please feel free to post it on LinkedIn or Twitter using the hashtag #qiibee and of course tag us as well. We are excited to receive feedback from you and can’t wait to show you all the final report!

qiibee: Access world-class brands your customers love.

Enhance customer loyalty by offering world-class brands and rewards from our marketplace that your customers love. Simultaneously, expand your customer base by offering your products and services to millions of new buyers.

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