Global Rewards Liquidity Report 2023

Dive into qiibee’s groundbreaking 2023 Global Rewards Liquidity Report. Discover insights from over 1100 data points across 70+ loyalty programs, unlock the potential of loyalty points, and join the conversation on the future of rewards liquidity. Be part of the Rewards Liquidity revolution!

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Overview of the Global Rewards Liquidity Report 2023



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What is Rewards Liquidity (RL)?

Rewards Liquidity (RL) was developed based on the idea that loyalty points have a certain level of liquidity depending on their value and the number of regions, partners, & categories in which they can be earned and redeemed.

With rewards liquidity, we are able to increase transparency regarding reward points mechanisms and earning potential while enhancing value for the rewards economy by providing unique insights derived from our calculations on various top loyalty programs.

The formula we ultimately developed is based on multiple pillars of loyalty and takes into account various economic models, blending already established theory and loyalty knowledge with new innovative concepts that merit further exploration.

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