qiibee Ambassador Program

The qiibee Ambassador Program (qAP) is our way of rewarding the most loyal members of the qiibee ecosystem for their support.

It is a closed, invite-only community of supporters, partners, advisors, and enthusiasts who know and love the qiibee ecosystem and technology. Members of our exclusive club receive qiibee Partner Points (qPP) for various activities, such as referring new customers or sharing our vision with their network. The qiibee Partner Points can be collected and redeemed to obtain QBX or Frequent Flyer Miles from our Partner Etihad Airlines.

If you haven’t been invited yet, you can always talk to your contact at qiibee or apply for your membership.

Apply now

If you haven’t been invited but think you should be part of the qiibee Ambassador Program, feel free to apply via the following form. We can not guarantee that all applicants become ambassadors but upon selection, you’ll get your invitation as well as your starter pack via email.

7 + 6 =

How to get qiibee Partner Points?

You can earn qiibee Partner Points with different activities and seasonal campaigns, that are promoted via email to all ambassadors, as soon as they are available. We will start off by rewarding our ambassadors for the following activities:

Refer a potential prospect to join a qiibee demo with our head of sales Francesco Pagano. (XXXX qPP worth XXXX QBX or XXXXX Etihad Guest Miles)

Refer a potential ambassador that can bring value to the qiibee ecosystem and use their network to help us grow. (XXXX qPP worth XXXX QBX or XXXXX Etihad Guest Miles)

Spread the word about qiibee through your network. (XXXX qPP worth XXXX QBX or XXXXX Etihad Guest Miles)

Do good and tell us about it! Have an idea on how we can grow faster, better, or bigger? Let us know, and we’ll reward you with qiibee Partner Points.

How to use the qiibee Ambassador Program?

Ambassadors will receive a welcome email with all the necessary information regarding the qAP. Additionally, ambassadors will receive an initial voucher they can use to identify themself and register for the program.

Use your (mobile) browser to access the qiibee Rewards App.

qAP - fist step
qAP - login screen

Enter your reward code or open a new account using your Facebook or Google login. Alternatively, you can also open your account directly with your email.

Points are credited to your account automatically.

qAP - redeem
qAP - redeem qbx

250+ qPP can be redeemed for QBX, our own cryptocurrency that is traded on various platforms like coinsuper or binance.dex. To receive your QBX you need to open your own wallet using a web wallet provider like Metamask.

To redeem your qPP against Etihad Guest miles, connect your Etihad Guest account with our qAP app by entering your Etihad Guest number. Subsequently, choose the number of points you want to redeem. Miles will be credited automatically and directly to your Etihad Guest account.

qAP - etihad miles

This is just the beginning. We are working hard on the qiibee Ambassador Program to give back to our loyal supporters. Join the program and grow alongside qiibee to revolutionize loyalty on the blockchain!

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