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Start today by choosing the right solution to easily grow fan engagement while accessing new revenue streams and expanding your partner network.
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Multi-Partner Loyalty White Label App

Determine the rules to earn points with your partner network.

Easily onboard new partners to offer attractive rewards and VIP experiences.

Connect to other programs to increase your reach and empower your fans.

Easily integrate top crypto assets as a reward.

Loyalty API

Create your loyalty point and easily enable existing and new partners to reward their customers.

Conveniently integrate your multi-partner program with our blockchain through our Loyalty API.

Use our analytics to track and analyze the performance of your multi-partner program.

Increase your partner network by connecting to other programs in our Loyalty Ecosystem.

Offer your fans the option to convert their points into top crypto assets.

Partner Aggregator

Acquire and reach new partners that enable their customers to earn your loyalty currency in their loyalty program.

Simplify the onboarding and management process by containing it on one platform.

We take care of all things tech. So just sit back, relax and watch as the results unfold for themselves.

Our solutions fit to your industry

Easily Grow Fan Engagement

Empower your fans by offering more choice through your partner network

New Revenue Streams

Fast access to new revenue streams by scaling your partner network

Tailor to your needs

Minimize the risk by choosing the right solution for your business goals and needs
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Our Loyalty Ecosystem
Checkout the loyalty programs in our Loyalty Ecosystem.

Etihad Guest. Life’s better as a Guest.

Loyalty programs in our ecosystem have the possibility to connect with the 2nd largest frequent flyer program in the middle-east, Etihad Guest, to enable their customers to choose between brand points or miles. This opens the doors for fans to enjoy a wider portfolio of rewards and cut’s the integration time by 90%.
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Scale your partner network today and empower your fans by offering more choice. Tailor the qiibee solution to your needs and business goals.

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