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SDK - Loyalty Toolbox
Main benefits

Instantly access world renowned brands,
thousands of rewards and millions of new

Save time and money through 1 integration and 1 invoicing partner for all the brands you connect with

Blockchain technology protects your rewards currency, while providing full transparency and efficiency

Remove reconciliation issues via a single source of truth, managing rewards exchanges in real time

Buy rewards, boost sales & fans’ spending


  • Easily connect with selected brands to empower your fans to access more redemption options, by exchanging your rewards currency into other reward currencies with high affinity
  • The more exchange options a loyalty program has the more liquid and valuable is the reward currency of that loyalty program; due to that, it’s also more attractive and engaging for your fans
  • More exchange options = more engagement = more customer spending = more revenues for you


Sell rewards and boost your revenue


  • Easily select and approve brands to connect with your program, to empower their fans to exchange their reward currencies into yours
  • Set the price for your rewards, and automatically onboard and settle with new partners
  • The more partners you have, who buy your rewards, the more revenues you generate and the more fans you make (recruitment)
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