Loyalty White Label App

You don’t have a loyalty program? Start today with our Loyalty White Label App.
Our Loyalty White Label App offers you convenience, speed and security. Increase customer loyalty and new customer acquisition in no time.
Loyalty Program
Main benefits

Convenience at heart

Most convenient white label loyalty solution you have ever experienced.

Speed at your service

Get started today and be up and running in the market in less than 2 weeks.

Security at core

Our blockchain-based Loyalty White Label App protects you and your fans.
Define how your customers earn points.
Flexibly decide the customer behaviors you want to incentivize. Reward your customers with your brand points both offline and online.

Offer attractive rewards and VIP experiences.
Offer personalized rewards and experiences, from your product portfolio, where customers can burn their points on.

Empower your fans by connecting to other programs.
Empower your customers with more freedom by letting them choose between your brand points and points/miles from major loyalty programs.

Exchange your points into top crypto assets.
Enable your customers to discover the crypto market by letting them exchange your brand points into top crypto assets.

Create digital twins of unique offers and products.
Capitalize on sales trends and optimize your production cycle by creating unique digital twins of exclusive products and experiences.

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Our Loyalty Ecosystem
Checkout the loyalty programs in our Loyalty Ecosystem.

Louis Erard. Swiss watchmaking since 1929.

Watch enthusiasts and collectors can now earn Louis Erard points by simply purchasing a unique watch on the online shop louiserard.com. Louis Erard fans experience the luxury of profiting for more rewards by having the option to choose between gift cards, VIP experiences or miles from Miles & more and Etihad Guest.
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