Partner Aggregator

You have a major multi-partner program? Grow your partner network at scale by joining the qiibee ecosystem.
Multi-partner programs can easily scale up their partner network with no risk exposure by joining the qiibee Loyalty Ecosystem. Join today and scale up tomorrow.
Loyalty Partner Aggregator
Main benefits

Increase partner network

Use our solution to easily scale the number of partners distributing your loyalty point or mile to their customers.

Fastest partner onboarding

Cut partner onboarding costs by simply confirming the onboarding of a new partner in a click and get started in less than 2 weeks.

No risk exposure

No technical integration and costs needed, which results in zero exposure of the multi-partner program to technical or financial risk.
Easily grow your partner network.
Acquire and reach new partners that enable their customers to earn your loyalty currency in their loyalty program.

Onboard and manage partners through one gateway.
Cut partner onboarding and management costs as well as time up to 90% and onboard partners faster.

No technical integration required on your side.
We take care of all things tech. So just sit back, relax and watch as the results unfold for themselves.

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Our Loyalty Ecosystem
Checkout the loyalty programs in our Loyalty Ecosystem.

Etihad Guest. Life’s better as a Guest.

Loyalty programs in our ecosystem have the possibility to connect with the 2nd largest frequent flyer program in the middle-east, Etihad Guest, to enable their customers to choose between brand points or miles. This opens the doors for fans to enjoy a wider portfolio of rewards and cut’s the integration time by 90%.
Get started today
Grow your partner network at scale by joining the qiibee ecosystem.

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