Loyalty API

You already have a loyalty program? Increase its reach and efficiency by adopting state of the art technology.

By using our Loyalty API you profit from more reach, a seamless integration and a secure infrastructure. Open up to more impactful loyalty experiences and new program members.

SDK - Loyalty Toolbox
Main benefits

Easily Add More Value

Connect to other programs and increase your efficiency by one seamless integration

Seamless Integration

Get started with our dashboard and integrate our Loyalty API in less than 1 day

Security at Your Fingertips

Maximise the security of your infrastructure by tokenizing your points

Easily create and issue your loyalty point.
Tokenize your points bank by creating and issuing loyalty points on the blockchain.

Integrate seamlessly with our Loyalty API.
Create customer wallets and activate earn, burn as well as exchange transactions by integrating in less than 1 day with our Loyalty API.

Access to tech documentation and support.
Our dashboard provides your tech team all the documentation necessary to connect with our Loyalty API. Our team will support you throughout the whole integration.

Track and analyze the success of your loyalty program.
Our easy-to-use dashboard provides your marketing team the tools to keep track of all the relevant data and the success of your loyalty program.

Enrich your program by connecting to an ecosystem.
Open the door to other brand points and miles in our ecosystem and reap the benefits of interoperability.

Enable your fans to convert points into top crypto assets.
Leverage the crypto-market by allowing your loyal fanbase to exchange their points into crypto assets.

Our solutions fit to your industry






Our Loyalty Ecosystem
Checkout the loyalty programs in our Loyalty Ecosystem

Lattesso. Swiss origins. Swiss quality.

Lattesso, the second largest cold coffee producer in Switzerland, rewarded their customers with Lattesso Coins which in were exchangeable in crypto. The campaign was promoted in the DACH region and saw a boost in sales of up to 61% and 12k wallets created in only 3 months.

Sausalitos. The largest cocktail producer in Germany.

Sausalitos, which has more than 40 restaurants in Germany, enables their customers to earn Sausalitos Coins by enjoying the best cocktails and food in town. The program has been running in all 44 locations since May 2019. Results show that up to 80% of points are converted into crypto.
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Easily increase the reach and efficiency of your loyalty program today with our Loyalty API.

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