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Increase your Customer Retention with our Rewards Marketplace

With our Rewards Marketplace you can easily increase your customer retention by expanding the redemption options you offer to your loyalty program members. By partnering with other loyalty programs, your members can exchange their points, use them for gift cards, crypto currencies, NFTs, physical products, donations and cash.

Whether you already operate your own loyalty program or not, we have the right solution for you to boost your customer retention!

Loyalty on the Blockchain

This is how our Rewards Marketplace boosts your loyalty program:

60x faster

integrate our API in less then 7 days and connect with new partners in 1 click

100x more capital efficient

no minimum volume needed per loyalty program

1x dashboard

track and analyze your program’s success with earn, spend and exchange transactions

Your Gateway to the Rewards Marketplace

Everything starts with your Loyalty Admin Dashboard (LAD) account, where you can buy and sell rewards on our marketplace, manage and analyze all partner connections as well as issue reward tokens and NFTs to boost customer engagement and revenue.

qiibee Loyalty Admin Dashboard Analytics

Our solutions for you

You can integrate with the following two products we offer:

Loyalty API Integration

Tokenize your loyalty points in no time on-chain and without coding. Enable exchange transactions and offer a vast selection of redemption options, as well as NFTs for your most loyal members.

Loyalty Whitelabel App

If you do not yet operate a loyalty program, you can launch one in less then 2 weeks with our loyalty whitelabel solution. Cover earn, burn and exchange transactions, as well as NFTs for your loyal customers.

Are you ready to expand your loyalty program’s redemption options and boost your members’ engagement? If the answer is yes, let’s talk about how we can make this happen at qiibee! …and if you are not quite sure yet, let’s still talk, either way we are happy to help you succeed. 🙂

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